Points System

What is this?

This site has a points system consisting of points and ranks. You can get points by doing activities on the website. The more points you have the better rank you are. You can also lose points by certain activities (e.g. deleting robot).

Points Table

Activity Points
Publishing a Project +25
Rating a Project +1
Receiving Project Rating +Score/2
Example: If you get a creative rating of value 6, you will receive 3 points.
Deleting Project -25
In addition to deleting a project, all points received from ratings will also be withdraw. -?

Rank Table

Rank Title Points Needed
No Rank -10000.00
White Novice 0.00
Brown Apprentice 40.00
Brown Adept 160.00
Green Apprentice 360.00
Green Adept 640.00
Teal Apprentice 1000.00
Teal Adept 1440.00
Teal Expert 1960.00
Orange Apprentice 2560.00
Orange Adept 3240.00
Orange Expert 4000.00
Pink Apprentice 4840.00
Pink Adept 5760.00
Pink Expert 6760.00
Pink Artisan 7840.00
Blue Apprentice 9000.00
Blue Adept 10240.00
Blue Expert 11560.00
Blue Artisan 12960.00
Yellow Apprentice 14440.00
Yellow Adept 16000.00
Yellow Expert 17640.00
Yellow Artisan 19360.00
Yellow Master 21160.00
Red Apprentice 23040.00
Red Adept 25000.00
Red Expert 27040.00
Red Artisan 29160.00
Red Master 31360.00
Purple Apprentice 33640.00
Purple Adept 36000.00
Purple Expert 38440.00
Purple Artisan 40960.00
Purple Master 43560.00
Purple Grandmaster 46240.00
More ranks are coming....