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How to artbot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How to artbot By Spacecam Plz don't h8 me 4 this

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Ostrich artbot contest ostrich, artbot, contest, E__tech

Here I start a new contest about ostriches only, follow the rules to have a change winning some prizes !

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How to build TerraInterceptor-Like hover bots! hover, build, tutorial, speeder

In this tutorial i will show you how to build cool TerraInterceptor-Like hover bots! It's in this way that my Terra..

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How to Play "Shootout" Custom Game soldier, army, team, squad

I've created some mini soldiers to use in a Custom Game Mode I call "Shootout" The idea behind Shootout is ..

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Advance Hover Guide

Hello all i was asked by TechnoNinja To create a guide For hovers So here I am. First of all Hovers are One of the ..

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Stormer: Drone Action smg, hover, propeller, struts

Set: Camera Control + Tilt. More info: Frommy YouTube

FlashEye plasma, hover, smg, nano

Finally a new tutorial! This hover is really good, lots of HP thanks to the struts-logic!

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Mini EVO A.01

My First Avatar

Lets Build -Anarchy- mech, propeller, flying, plasma

How to build an effective propeller sprinter in a low CPU range On CRF as -Anarchy-

S1A-M Eagle Has Landed plasma, heal, sprinter, aupport

quick support, hard hitting. sprinter hermes leg. prop tomahawk. plasma bombarder. nano constructor. eagle head

Building the shape of a Medic Copter! Copter, Medic, Example, Support

I did improve the bot alot but I think its a good, general example of building a rough bot :) ----------SORRY FOR THE T..

Battle Arena for skrubs BA, tutorial, guide, gamemodes

The most recent gamemode in robertcraft other than TDM and AITDM, It also gives the biggest rewards if you do well, and ..

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A comprehensive tutorial on Battle Arena! battle, arena, reactor, tower

Welcome to my second video tutorial. In this tutorial, I will talk to you about Battle Arena and share some tips to help..

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Strafe Drone 497 CPU strafe, drone, low cpu, smg

Here the video Tutorial :)

The WINGBLAST flak, smg, spider, drone

Yay the tutorial! :D I love this robot, the triforce is incredible, I'm totally surprised! I think I'll keep thi..

How to medic medic, helpful, beginner, guide

Medics are an incredibly endangered species of robertcrafter, almost as rare as the special harambebot. This is honestly..

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BoltPunch sprinter, leg, ion, plasma

The basics of Triforcing triforce, building, technique

This is my first video tutorial! In this video I will talk to you about triforce and share some tips to help you build s..

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CURVE Strut Copter strut, copter, smg, plasma

▂▃▅▆▇▉ READ ME :D ▉▇▆▅▃▂ TUTORIAL INFO BELOW Something went wrong about item list. However (..

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Lets Build Sabre Hover, Tank, Youtube, SMG

A good tutorial on how to make an effective mega hover that utilizes a power module

8 pages, goto: