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Robocraft Tips - Battle Arena Tutorial, How to win, Battle arena, Basics

This video teaches you the very basics of Robocraft! Discord group Original video VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV..

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Robocraft 1500cpu tutorial: Drone "Tesseract Pyrus" deve drone, tesseract, laser, development

The development tutorial of all-rounded drone with proto-seeker "Tesseract Pyrus" in Robocraft. This video is a ..

How to get answers Questions, Developers, Answers

Here is a video compiling together the answers to many Frequently asked questions in Robocraft which new players often a..

Building the shape of a Medic Copter! Copter, Medic, Example, Support

I did improve the bot alot but I think its a good, general example of building a rough bot :) ----------SORRY FOR THE T..

Battle Arena for skrubs BA, tutorial, guide, gamemodes

The most recent gamemode in robertcraft other than TDM and AITDM, It also gives the biggest rewards if you do well, and ..

Avg. Rating 9.9
How to build a functional art tank rail, tank, armour, cosmetics

A tutorial on how to utilize cosmetics on a tank bot and various other building techniques to reinforce the structure so..

Avg. Rating 10.0
Tutorial : How many thruster does your plane need ?

Hi everyone, Here is a short tutorial to teach you how many thrusters your plane will need to fly in Robocraft with MK1..

Avg. Rating 10.0
A comprehensive tutorial on Battle Arena! battle, arena, reactor, tower

Welcome to my second video tutorial. In this tutorial, I will talk to you about Battle Arena and share some tips to help..

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Strafe Drone 497 CPU strafe, drone, low cpu, smg

Here the video Tutorial :)

Tank Building walkthrough and RodForcing tank, aerorod, tutorial, lasers

In this video I do a walkthrough of building a laser tank and discuss how my design and thought process works while buil..

Module guide

Just a simple guide on different ways on how module should be use i suppose :/ comment on any thing i missed

Avg. Rating 8.4
Tesla Ball Tesla Ball

Simple Tesla Ball guide for new player's also for everyone , simple 255 cpu , but deadly , easy to play but take a s..

Avg. Rating 4.8
The WINGBLAST flak, smg, spider, drone

Yay the tutorial! :D I love this robot, the triforce is incredible, I'm totally surprised! I think I'll keep thi..

How to SMG smg, tutorial, beginner, guide

The great-granddaddy of robertcraft guns, the smg, is older than that one nine plus ten vine, as carefully balanced as D..

Avg. Rating 6.3
Robocraft Fundamental: The balance of hovercraft hover, fundamental, tutorial

The tutorial of the fundamental, balance, awareness and performance enhance tricks for the hoverblade relying robot buil..

Avg. Rating 9.1
How to medic medic, helpful, beginner, guide

Medics are an incredibly endangered species of robertcrafter, almost as rare as the special harambebot. This is honestly..

Avg. Rating 9.2
BoltPunch sprinter, leg, ion, plasma

The basics of Triforcing triforce, building, technique

This is my first video tutorial! In this video I will talk to you about triforce and share some tips to help you build s..

Avg. Rating 10.0
Lets Build: SHOCKWAVE Cosmega mech, cosmega, strong, hover

A Tutorial on making a epic COSMEGA. On CRF as: SHOCKWAVE

Avg. Rating 5.8
Robocraft lv50 tutorial: Sloped Anti-air Tank "Earthbound development, tank, aeroflak

The development tutorial of sloped anti-air capable laser-plasma combination tank "Earthbound" in Robocraft. Thi..

Avg. Rating 9.5

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Avg. Rating 5.8
CURVE Strut Copter strut, copter, smg, plasma

▂▃▅▆▇▉ READ ME :D ▉▇▆▅▃▂ TUTORIAL INFO BELOW Something went wrong about item list. However (..

Avg. Rating 9.3

In this tutorial I will explain how to play a mortar !!!IMPORTANT!!! this thing is only possible with the event "S..

Avg. Rating 8.2
STRUT SOFA strut, hover, sofa, smg

Very OP robot, watch the gameplay to know more (video before) You can place a nano or proto seeker instead of the pl..

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