how to build strong but stay fast?

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1. building the first block

First thing you wanna do is build a nice long 3x12 platform, then build up 3 high. then have aero-rods placed in the front and back, this will make the health jump up but the mass will stay low.i put a 3 high block in the middle to make it even in the front and back, i then used short rods to place down to act as armor.

2. legs for days

i then put the legs down, now keep in mind if the connection points are showing do not worry we will fix that later on,(by the way i put the legs as close as i could) now after the legs have been put on you may start the second part of step 2 which is more armor and placements for guns.

3. guns and more armor

Now before we place guns down we must think do we wanna be a brute and go full force firing or a defender that defends and stays back, basically do you wanna be a smg or rail/plasma bot. So first thing we do is we need to place blocks going around the whole bot to cover up the aero-rods. hence why i said do not worry about the connection points on the bot.

4. the last step

Now we add the guns and other goodies, you can copy off of the picture or do your own way, it is up to you. I put aero-rods on the back of the top layer so that way it was raised high enough to shoot past the other smg, i then put edge cubes on the top to cover the aero-rods from getting shot off. i also put edges around the bot where i could. so hopefully this will help you out keep in mind this bot will be expensive. (also you can use inner chassis if you want less mass and less slowness. but you will lose health) *this bot will be uploaded on the crf and on here as well*

bot name: Running man

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1 year ago
not really a guide....just a bunch of blocks ?? come on..
1 year ago
No colouring? (All 1 colour doesnt count)
No Triforcing?
No Rodforcing?
No Shaping?
This should be called: How to blockspam.
Also this bot will be disabled easily by any competent player...
1. Shoot the legs.
2. Shoot two guns off. (The top ones)
3. Shoot through the middle.

Not thought out.
Its logical, ill give you that.
Its not terribly informative either.

Bearly any images to even critique this tutorial on.
ALOT of text.
Video isnt REALLY necessary so i wont mark you down for that.

Sry if I was too harsh >.

Ratings 2.0 context and 4.0 presentation
1 year ago
you have to remember that i do not have 1,000,000 rb or anything like that so i do not have an expansion to everything.If i had the rb then i would do those things. Also keep in mind this is my first tutorial so its not going to be the best but i will take that info and use if i ever have the rb to be able to use it. Also the coloring is up to you.
1 year ago
Good to hear.

Ratings 2.0 context and 4.0 presentation
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