An example of painting a good bot!

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First fill the whole thing with a colour.
Then make lines and colour specific things like weapons with a second colour.
And finally add a third colour but very little of it, paining things like glass and spikes!

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1 year ago
I like this tutorial however I think the most effective way to paint things and look cool is to paint seperate layers, connected points should be the same colour and Lasers should be the same colour as the block they're on. Just my opinion :)

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1 year ago
Very true, I prefer to have my guns the same colour as the connections aswell, the top guns are a mess and I know that, but I put the colour balance before connection colours ;) Didnt want too much red on the top :3
2 years ago
Could you give a tutorial on using the non-premium color scheme? I have a lot of trouble working with it sometimes :P
2 years ago
Yeah sure, might start workin on it. Thanks for the Idea :)
2 years ago
Ok thank you! (^-^)
2 years ago
Well, this is one way. I personally paint the guns in the same colour that is under/behind the gun, so they would blend in.

Also, when painting a robot black, the carbon smg are darker than any of it's counterparts. When painting in another colour however, the carbon6 logo can be seen on the gun, making the gun stand out even more than the normal smg.

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2 years ago
Hmm, i like your blending in idea, might try it :P
I dont mind the guns standing out :) Kinda looks nicer to me x)
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