How to make your slow mech Usain Bolt!

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Did you ever play with a slow mech and think to yourself, man all these sprinter mechs, hovers and cars keep flaunting about how fast and maneuverable they are. I wish MY big strong mech can be fast too and now you can because boy, do I have a build tutorial and skill tactics for you!

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1. Rise Up!

Take any mech with mech legs and press "." twice to position them up two block levels higher

2. Legs 4dayz

Position the smallest sprinter legs around the mech as seen below

3. Carry me peasants!

Build the certain strut frame like in the images below. It must be capable of running and turning normally (re-tinker if needed) however it will lose the ability to jump until either the sprinter legs or the mech legs are gone in battle.

4. Design Reasons

The reason why the strut frame is built in the way it is so that it can easily be destroyed. That may sound bad but trust me, you do not want to be an stuck sprinter/mech abomination. When most of the frame and legs are destroyed you are back to being a capable (but slower) mech.

5. Tactics!

I personally prefer to use camera controls on mechs including this bot build but it can still be keyboard controlled very well.

If you are not turning fast or at all then slow down (or re-tinker you bot). If you are dragging a part of the frame see step 1 and re-tinker your bot.

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10 months ago
I dont think this mech needs to be Usain Bolt cause Mechs move at like 145 MPH bolt moves at 27.8 MPH. HMMMM i wonder who wins in a race.

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11 months ago
What a nice one

Ratings 6.5 context and 6.5 presentation
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