Round Shapes + Robocraft

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Learn about the use of pixels in creating round objects in Robocraft, and how you can apply these concepts to your design! :)

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1. The Fundamentals

So you've taken an interest in geometry have you? Wonderful! I'll begin with the basics. Everything you see on your screen right now is made up of tiny little squares called pixels. Take this image for example, it looks perfectly round before it's zoomed in, but after a bit of a closer look Pac-Man here is really just made up of a bunch of squares.

2. Circle Basics

Let's jump right into how to create the most basic of shapes, the circle. First let me explain a little bit about the geometry we'll be working with here. When creating a circle using squares, we use octants to make sure the measurements will align with a proper circle. As seen in the image below, an octant is a 1/8th segment of a circle(as seen on a compass rose).

3. Basic Circles

In the chart below I've listed circles from 1x1 to 31x31 to help you when creating your own cirles so you don't have to use octants every time. If for some reason you need a circle larger than 31x31, click here to see circles ranging in size from 1x1 to 64x64.

4. Using Circles

Now that we know how to create basic 2D circles, I'll elaborate a bit on how these can be used. When people create art using this technique it's called pixel-art. A good pixel-artist can create amazing game sprites or even objects that appear 3D. I've created a bit of pixel-art just using MS Paint to demonstrate how a simple circle can turn into some nice looking art:

5. Voxels & Spheres

When a pixel represents a value on a regular grid in three-dimensional space, it's called a voxel. As Robocraft is a 3D game, we'll be working with voxels to create rounded robot designs. Working with voxels may seem confusing to some at first, but I encourage you to just mess around in a garage with spherical shapes until you are familiar with them. To create spheres you're going to want to build one layer at a time. As I've highlighted in yellow in the image below, a sphere is just many layers of the basic circle shape I went over in step 3. Remember, the difference between 2D and 3D is that we're simply adding one dimension. So instead of an 8x8 circle, it becomes an 8x8x8 sphere. See? We've added depth to the shape.

6. Applied Voxels

So how can we apply what we've learned to Robocraft? Well there's no one answer. You will have to design your own robot of course, and I can't tell everyone how a specific sharp corner can turn into a curved corner, but, I will provide some examples of common shapes on robots before & after to demonstrate the conversion process:

7. Using Prisms

As you saw in the last step, I included a variant using prisms for each of the shapes. When it comes to using prisms in your design it's really down to personal preference and also depends on the build itself. Some designs may look better to you using the smoothed version that uses prisms, some designs may not. In the image below you can see that I used both methods in this section of the build. If you're interested, this build is posted here(open in new tab).

8. Using Prisms II

In my build "The Cannon" I decided that a smoothed variant of the design was more fitting for what I was going for. Does that mean the unsmoothed version looks bad or is wrong? No of course not, it's just a difference in taste and varies from build to build.

9. Additional Info

If you liked what you saw here perhaps you will enjoy my other work(open in new tab) here on RCG.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and hopefully learned a thing or two. I may update this tutorial with more info at some point in the future. If you have any questions or feedback feel free to leave a comment. Remember to rate fairly, thanks! ^^

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1 year ago
This tutorial is PERFECT! :3 i learn more new thing from this tutorial Thank you :3

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2 years ago
very very very very very detailed tutorial, this helped me a lot making bots thx man 10/10

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2 years ago
Glad to hear it, thanks. :-)
2 years ago
so much perfect ! :D

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2 years ago
I didn't know you had also made a tutorial like this D:

I'll link this into my tutorial.

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2 years ago
3 years ago

i did the maths and came up with this a while ago :P

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3 years ago
cool pics

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3 years ago
Very good Kaoe :)


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3 years ago
It pains me to say how good this is. I learned a lot!

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3 years ago
Add more about Tetras and Inners
3 years ago
very good tutorial
3 years ago
Thanks! :)

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