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Hello all i was asked by TechnoNinja To create a guide For hovers So here I am.

First of all Hovers are One of the most agile and fast movement type there is as well as being extremely easy to use and make. As they have a pre-balancing mechanic so that they always try to keep on the floor and stable.

I will go through How To Place Your Hover Blades, Tri-forcing Hover Blades, Optimal Hover Protection, How To make a Good Hover Blade, and How to play a hover.

I hope you enjoy!!! :)

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1. Basic Idea Of Your Hover Contruct

Hovers are a fast and decently tanky style of build but you should stay in the Range of 1300 Cpu - !500 Cpu for Optimal Health To Energy Ratio

First you are Going to Find a basic Amount of What you will use in The Kraft Ex. Hover, Gun, and Extra. So what you do is place them all down to find the Cpu Range You want to stay at and How to Armor and Size of the Kraft. Then you will estimate how much cpu will be used to fill up for armor as can see i will go for a !300 cpu Range but may very do to Build

2. Basic Layout/Skeleton

Once you are done with pre build scheduled you will Make a Basic Layout of Hover Kraft buy making to Gun mounts and Hover mounts aswell as all of the thruster mounts you need. But you need To know That Hover is better when the Head tips down before the Back. How to test this Phenomena is by finishing basic layout when done halfway through bot and rising kraft altitude aswell as lowering to get sense and stability of overall.

Golden Rules:
#1 More Hovers Were More Mass and Less Were of Lesser Mass
#2 Use Inners (Sloped or Lightest Version of Inners as they have Good Health Hp Ratio) and Edges For tri-forcing of the gun mounts and aswell as movement
#3 Camera Steering Works best as of Pre-Balancing of Kraft and Very well usage of Strafing To further have more control as better Gun Clearance.

As can see Hovers have Good Protection and you can estimate basic gun mounts but it is fine that they may change do to further building :)

3. Fleshing of To Style

This Step is for the tri-forcing and advance step. This is were you will start filing out the main craft and tri-forcing.

When you are done you will connect them with ideal connections to further make kraft ideal and eye pleasing

Then Connecting the Core to Armor in this Bot Construction Will be using Tri-forcing Techniques to connect it so it lightens to load as well as make damage spread less. as Can see The green which is core is connecting to the Blue Which is a tri-forced method of connection in which damage will not pass.

~Personal Knowledge~
I like to color code to further make sure all is connected well
Green = Core
Blue = Connection
Pink = Gunmount
White = Armor

4. Examples Of Gun Mount

To Further Understand the Theory To have Practical Yet Pleasing Gun mounts is to make a shape of fluid Motion like spaceships to make hover feel identical yet Original :)

Tri-forcing is applied as can see by that gun mounts are shield from top and aswell as the oppostie side in which there are approved and assigned to not take damage. As can see from above damage will not spread so equals better health.

5. Fleshing Out Rest of Kraft

As can be seen from title this is were you will do most work by fleshing out armor and make sure connections and as well as balanced is retained.

6. How To Play Hovers

Well There are many ways to play hovers.

3 Main Hover Types:

#1: Hit and Run Light Class Hover
That uses mainly Legendary Weapons or Plasma do to high Alpha Strike But are mainly used for hit and run tactics

#2 Medium Class Support/Brawler
Mainly big sized with optimal energy as well as to play for tankiness role

#3 Heavy Class Brawler
Use mainly for high contact Enemy Brawler with massive health pool

Well i hope you enjoy if you want the bot i made it will be under the shop of Dokido Name of Craft Catalyst

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1 year ago
nice tutorial! like your robot too.

Ratings 9.0 context and 9.5 presentation
1 year ago
In the past how high you place the hover blades determines how likely the ship is to flip over? I make it a habit to place them under the top layer of armor or on top of the bot so that the rest of the ship is hanging below them, this was a mechanic in the past, is it still a thing now?
1 year ago
Even now, if you put more hovers above your bots centre of mass, thehover will be more stable.
1 year ago
Not sure now but a good spread of hovers i belive having some above will keep it balanced :)
1 year ago
Good tutorial can't wait for more :)

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
1 year ago
What about using other parts like struts...rods...shields
maybe where to position thrusters/propellers
Anyway ...nice and simple guide !

Ratings 9.0 context and 8.5 presentation
1 year ago
Thanks yes before i has been already been working on Part 2 which is to converes with position of thrusters and balance then part 3 for style :)
1 year ago
I agree with Godfather it definitely needs more core building techniques and details about perfect hover balance so that they can climb hills with ease BTW this is stuff I already know about other than coloured painting to separate different layers which is a good idea ;D

Ratings 10.0 context and 9.0 presentation
1 year ago
Thanks for the comment and rate i will try to add more detail but time is much limited :)
1 year ago
The only thing I might do is go a bit into the idea of creating a core for your hovers either with or without a module. But otherwise looks like a good overview. While you could go into balancing with the center of mass that seems to me both easier and more commonly know today that it used to be.
1 year ago
Thanks :)
1 year ago
Hey all i hope you enjoy if there is anything that needs imrpove please that would be nice have a great day :)
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