How to get your Gundam artbots ignored

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Here are 4 easy steps to get your gundam artbots ignored. :D

pls rate my bots ;-;

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1. Step 1: Build a Gundam artbot you want to build

Now this step is crucial for the satisfaction and the happiness of finishing your artbot must be present before you lose it after people ignore it. Remember you must enjoy building it and love it with all your heart, treat it as your own daughter or son.

2. Step 2: Upload your artbot

Great work! Now this step is fairly important because you would need people to cause you disappointment, regret sadness and all that good stuff you get from being ignored.

3. Step 3: Add a detailed explanation

Remember to always add a detailed explanation of your bot that took you a lot of time to think about. People usually skim over this hence this is where you should place most of your time on. Because there's nothing like wasted effort to make everthing feel worse.

4. Step 4: Get upset

Now this is the best part of not getting your bots rated. Here you'll think about your life and what you did wrong , why you even bothered uploading it, how bad your bots are to not be rated, and general self loathing How bad your bots are to not be rated.
The bot must have a lot of views and no Ratings for this to work.

5. Step 4.1 Make more and upload them anyway

This way they wouldn't have any choice but to look at them.
I don't even know anymore, so here's a lorax meme

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11 months ago
I will take this into consideration often

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1 year ago
Or you know make a gazzilion account and comment on your own shiiz :D
1 year ago
I cri
*Insert FarCry3 Insanity scene here*

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1 year ago
if you really want people to rate your bots than as k your friends to do it. That is what I did

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1 year ago
Advertising with a tutorial because people don't see your bots is bad. Don't do it.

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1 year ago
Maybe you should try to build different Mecca from another manga. That might do the trick. But if I come across your robots in the Robocraft Factory I'd be glad to give you a rating. Besides I grew up when all this japanimation stuff barely got over to the United States. And my first dependent mention I ever saw was at DragonCon in Woodfield. I wouldn't worry about what other people think about your gundam. You have a fan on Excalibur 69 I will check the Robocraft Factory for your Bots and I will start giving you some ratings. Don't mind if I buy a couple of them to check them out on the battlefield art bot.
1 year ago
You complain about not getting more than 140 views? wow...
1 year ago
He gets a lot of views, and yet he gets no ratings out of all those views.

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1 year ago
Yeah? so do we all.. No need to complain about it.
1 year ago
Guess I know what to do now to

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