Battle Arena for skrubs

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The most recent gamemode in robertcraft other than TDM and AITDM, It also gives the biggest rewards if you do well, and wastes half an hour of your life if you don't. Now that matchmaking is revamped, some noobs may find themselves surrounded by legendaries and raging the house down, so I'm here to reduce the amount of salt ingame.

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1. An introduction


The aim of BA is to destroy the enemy team's reactor while protecting yours, destroying three towers and any enemies along the way. If you've played the likes of League Of Legends, DOTA, starcraft or smite before, this may ring a bell. This gamemode also features a MOBA-style levelling up system, where your bot gets better based on how well you've done. Some advantages also come with holding towers, like healing shields, xp boosters and such, all of which I'll cover in more detail later on.

You will get a crate with 4+4 items in it, plus TONS of Xp.

2. Towers and the reactor

These two are THE most important objectives to take hold of. The three towers are located at specific intervals on the minimap. The 'top' tower is at the very top of the minimap, the 'middle' fusion tower at the middle section of the minimap, etc. The reactors are less confusing - they will be located at opposite ends of the map.

In the photo provided, you can see that I am aiming at some bumpy areas of the tower. These are called 'seams.' There are four on each tower at regular intervals and four on the reactor. They can be seen by the glowing blue/red/purple strips on the sides of the tower, and if you destroy the crystals attached to them, the entire tower will fall apart and you will 'capture' the tower. Same for the reactor, but the reactor's seams are more protected. I'd advise against going for the reactor unless accompanied by a group of teammates and you are sure that a lot of the team is waiting to respawn.

There are cool perks gained by capturing towers, which are helpfully announced by the announcer throughout matches.

Owning 1 tower (any location)
Activates a fusion shield for your reactor that protects against enemy fire and heals all friendly troops inside it, although enemies can still wander in.

Owning 2 towers
Activates the 'clock cycle booster'. This increases the amount of clock cycles (essentially xp) gained for your teammates, and periodically gives you clock cycles as well.

Owning 3 towers
Deactivates the enemy fusion shield.


A hidden stat called 'protonivity' is applied throughout the game. This stat determines how much damage your weapons do to crystals, and is applied to different weapons to make the game fairer eg teslas have lower protonivity than lasers, so do less damage to crystals. You can also see your team's protonivity by looking on the top HUD, displayed by a percentage. Protonivity will slowly increase throughout the game, and owning towers drastically increases your team's protonivity, up to 2X.

Capturing a tower will instantly allow any dead players to respawn, potentially turning the tide of battle.

3. Clock cycles

This picture shows your standard robot health and a blue bar that is known as your overclock level. Doing actions ingame will increase this bar. When it is full, your bot 'levels up', increasing your robot's overall efficiency. The max Overclock level (shortened to OC) is 15, though lots of games end with players around OC 12 or 13.


Protection assist reward´╝łattacking/killing enemies that are attacking allies)
Heal assist bonus (healing allies to 100%)
Defence damage bonus (attacking enemies near your protonium reactor)

Doing these actions will also increase your overclock level.
-Capturing towers
-Destroying crystals (destroying multiple crystals at once give you more OCL)
-Spotting (aiming at enemy players and pressing Q) NOT ANYMORE
-damaging enemies
-killing enemies
-healing allies

4. Tactics

I would like to say something.

NEVER capture a tower without dealing with any guards first. You are effectively doing nothing as the guards immobilize and kill you, before recapturing the tower. Well done. You were useless. Unless you had a friend nearby who also wanted to capture the tower...

This brings me to my next essential. Travel with a group. I KNOW you want to carry the team like all the pro mlg gamers you've seen, but your underlevelled team will probablly get steamrolled the second you die.

Bring some sort of healing weapon around, while you're at it. In BA, you'll seldom get time to autoheal, with the amount of stuff going on around you.

Kill the enemy team, capture the towers, rush the base. All in 30-60 seconds. Wow. You'll probablly need to split up to do that. If your team is too uncooperative, simply follow some loners around and help them speed up the process.

Never try and 'sacrifice' yourself, thinking you died a hero. You could've easily avoided that LOML, or seen that plasma coming. Stay wary.

--MODULES (suggested by MisterSoandso)--

Modules are very effective in BA, due to a number of reasons. I'll tell you how to use and avoid the super-scary modules in this section.

Blink modules teleport you a short (actually very long) distance in the direction you aim at. It can be used for rushing to areas, escaping to your base, confusing enemies, etc. etc. etc.
When using a blink module, be wary of the fairly high energy cost. you may get stuck spamming 1 because you need to escape but you wasted all you power (sorry... weapon energy.)

Though it seems far too overpowered, there are a few flaws to this 'stealthy' module.
1) You can still see a faint outline of the cloaked bot. This outline becomes more prominent on higher graphic settings.
2) You will hear some audio interference when a cloaked bot is in you vicinity. Use this to predict certain bots...(tesla)
3)getting hit instantly uncloaks a bot, so you can get lucky and land a shot on a fleeing cloak user.

Disc shield
Forms an impenetrable barrier in front of you... and that's its entire coverage.
1)walk around it.
2)wait it out.
3)walk through it.

This thing...
Let's say you are winning. You are smurfing up the enemy reactor and there's only a few crystals left.
Then a red halo of death blooms down from the sky and hits you. Boom. You can't move and you can only look as a party of five tesseracts rains down justice/plasma on you and your innocent teammates.
What I'm trying to say is that EMP shines in shutting down groups of enemies attacking towers/reactors, provided they have leftover energy and some buddies with them. The only advice I can give is:

(!) Be aware.

5. Outro and Extras ;)

By the way, you can press E and click/right click/middle click to summon a waypoint that shows up on your team's minimap. This is no alternative to spotting enemies, but it will help the more... unfocused teammates realise what tower lots of enemies are at.

On that note, thanks for watching this tutorial and feel free to leave a comment and rating. (butthey'dbetterbegoodorI'llusecapsonyouyounoobsmurf)

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5 months ago
Oh cool development, and thanks for the detailed tutorial.
2 years ago
fj should put this in a shorter demonstration for their bad tutorial. Then hopefully people will actually shoot the seems for once and stop running at a whole team all alone
1 year ago
Yeah, it seems odd that FJ missed out (in my opinion) such a core part of battle arena.
2 years ago
Good tutorial but how do you mean to show it to skrubs ?
2 years ago
Excellent guidelines for the noobs ;)

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
2 years ago

Ratings 9.5 context and 9.0 presentation
2 years ago
This a well thought out tutorial. Although I feel like tactics could be updated to include module usage like EMP the enemy to stall them from getting their tower or waiting to steal a tower while under the ghost module.

Do note that you might want to update certain parts tomorrow as BA games will be affected.

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
2 years ago
I've updated the towers section with the new four seams and the new bonuses added to BA now ;)
I've even started a little modules section and given you credit for it, if you like that sort of thing.
2 years ago
Thanks XD

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
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