How to Art-bot like a pro!

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A compilation tutorial of all my favourite art bot builders brought to you via the medium of Robocraft satire.

Using the tip here you to can be awesome. Rise above the competetive game play. Winnng is for noobs :P

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1. Get bored of always rekting in the same old bots.

Take a break from the crushing of noobs.

2. Be inspired

Think to your self;
"Hey wait a minute, this game is like Lego. I can build anything. . . . anything. . . everything!"

3. Watch the below video

Watch and learn.

4. Enjoy a whole new dimension to Robocraft

Realise by switching between competetive and Artbot play you will never get bored of Robocraft.

5. Be part of the community.

By doing this you can easily become part of the Robocraft community.

Comments and Ratings
1 year ago
That TARDIS is da best in da world
1 year ago
Thank you, would you like me to put it in the crf for you?
1 year ago
That would be awesome :D
wanted 2 make a TARDIS for the DB11, but you've kinda done that .-.

1 year ago
Cool. Well its uploaded now. Enjoy.
1 year ago
liked :)

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
1 year ago
Artbots are lyfe o/

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
1 year ago
I cant say often enough that I like this very much! :D

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
1 year ago
Wow great video and very informative... What abt me xD i love myself some art builds for example the ESS Vanguard Garfield jst to name a few

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
1 year ago
As some of you people may think it may be a a funny video it also tells an important thing that RC has to offer, I believe number 4 sums it up real quick as a TL;DR. Switching between practicality and pure artbot is how the game should be played to its fullest extent.

I applaud this video for sure, very nice bots you've showcased and a nice explanation in general.

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
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