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I've created some mini soldiers to use in a Custom Game Mode I call "Shootout"

The idea behind Shootout is to play quick, squad-based TDM matches using different Shootout characters.

Characters should remain unmodified (no adding guns, shields, or extra thrusters etc.) to maintain gameplay balance.

Each character has a unique appearance so you can quickly identify what kind of opponent you are facing.

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1. Select a Character

Shootout, so far, has 8 characters. They can all be found in the CRF by searching the word "shootout". Here's a quick rundown of the characters and their strengths.

Gunner is your basic all-round character. He carries a single Blaster laser, high RoF, medium damage.
Bazooka carries a single Bombarder plasma cannon, very low RoF, very high splash damage.
Plasma carries 2 Pulser plasma cannons, low RoF, high splash damage.
Scout has a jet-pack for flight. He carries a single Hornet laser, high RoF, low damage.
Medic carries a single Nano Binder, high RoF.
Sniper carries a single Rail Piercer, very low RoF, very high damage.
Master Chief has the highest armor. He carries 2 Wasp lasers, very high RoF, very low damage.
Reverse Flash has larger forward thrusters for added speed. He carries 2 Tesla Slicers, extremely high damage.

2. Don't Modify the Characters Please

I'd like Shootout characters to be balanced, so please don't stick giant lasers on them...or giant rails....or 10 wasps...or huge thrusters.... In fact, just don't change them at all. That way everyone can enjoy the game by not getting obliterated by OP characters.

3. Get a Squad Together

Get a team together! You may want to talk about who has what character to try and balance your team out. A team of snipers might get rekt by a more balanced out team. Do you need a medic? Does someone have splash damage to hit multiple enemies? Does someone have a scout to get to a high viewpoint?

4. Stay Together

Shootout is a game that won't favor the lone wolf. You'll need a team to survive and win. A good team covers each other, leveraging their strengths to kill the enemy.

5. Give Feedback

If you decide to give Shootout a chance, give me some feedback. Does anything need balancing? Any other characters you'd like to see? What did you like? What didn't you like?

6. Make a Character!

This Custom Game Mode is my idea, but I invite everyone to make their own characters and put them in the CRF. I'd only ask that when making a new character, you consider gameplay balance and not make some crazy OP character that would completely unbalance everything. An orange Ghost module named "BB-8" on thrusters with a few giant lasers might seem funny, but would anger people who enjoy a fair and balanced match, and would lead to other crazy OP characters and ultimately the death of Shootout.

If you do create a character you'd like to share, just name it "Shootout [character name]" in the CRF. That way, people can just search Shootout and see all the characters people have made for the game :D Thank you!

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1 year ago
good custom mode
verry balanced

Ratings 9.0 context and 8.0 presentation
1 year ago
Is that Master Chief I see o.O

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
1 year ago
This is an amazing game mode that will get really famous if you promote it. Hopefully we will see it on the robo-olympics!

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
1 year ago
some people are adding tanks to shootout and causing confusion. please stick to the little people pls :)
1 year ago
Thanks! just played a few rounds with a clan from Germany. Really fun 5v5!
1 year ago
great idea and nice characters.

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
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