Robocraft Basics

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Basics on the game and how to get used to certain things.

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1. Editor Basics

First and foremost, you need to know how to build a bot before playing the game (doyy). When building a bot, make sure you know what you're aiming for (plane, drone, hover ect). You are limited by your inventory, so make sure expectation is possible in reality regarding your inventory. Make sure you have all parts necessary to build your robot. After building your robot, make sure to test it to make sure it works.

2. Fighting Basics

After building your bot and testing it, go to battle and choose the gamemode you wish to play in. Keep in mind the controls (changeable): WASD to move, left click to fire.
For plane: Space to go up, (set key to go down)
You will be paired with other players around your level. Fighting is the main part of robocraft, and builds up most of the game. After each game you will be rewarded with XP and Robits.

3. Robits

Robits are used to buy better movement/weapons/modules for your bot. After tiers being removed, everything now goes up in random names (these are what megas are now labelled as):
Mega SMG - Laser Leviathan
Mega Wheels - Wheel Monster [Steering]
Mega Plasma - Plasma Golithon
Mega Rail - Rail Impaler (didn't exist until recent)
Mega Hover - Hurricane
These items cost a lot (range 50k) and are very useful.

4. Premium

Premium is a buyable membership in robocraft, which offers the following benefits (copied from steam):
Unlocks all items that drop in all classes of salvage crates.
Grants all paint colours for use in the Editor.
Doubles the amount of experience earned from matches.
Exclusive design for the mothership.
Triple Robits when recycling items in the in-game Forge.
Upload your own personal avatar picture.

5. Salvage Crates

Salvage crates reward you with items ranging from common/uncommon/rare/epic/legendary. They are mostly obtained after battles/matches and can be useful at times.
Salvage crates:
Bronze/Silver/Gold/Diamond/Protonium (depending on league, protonium can be earned differently however)

6. Factory

In the factory you can sell/buy bots. Selling bots will reward you with robits each time a bot of yours is bought and used in battle.

7. Final Message/Additional Info

Weapon classes:
LOML (Lock-On Missle Launcher)
Laser (SMG)
Plasma Launcher
Gyro Mortar
Tesla Blade
Chain gun
Ion Cannon (shotgun)

Early access/alpha:
Early access/alpha players are playing who played in 2013-2014 (mainly 2013) and for doing so, were awarding with the following pilot seats (cosmetics)
Late 2016 - Cray Seat
2016 - Gene and Cray
2015 - Mega, Gene and Cray
2014 - Retro, Mega, Gene and Cray
2013 - We didn't get anything special except ^

If I missed anything please let me know :)

And yes, I am an early access/alpha player from 2013.
Thanks for reading, hope I helped someone.

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Good tutorial)
Thx for this!

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thank for help i just start robocraft and this really help me thank u

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