Clone Turbo Tank: a Star Wars Artbot

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Learn to make a Clone Turbo tank from Star Wars. Step-by-step. Build in grey. Wheels are white.

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1. Base: Wheel Base

Build this base. It has two empty blocks of space underneath. Use Mirror Build. (M key)

2. Base: Adding Wheels

Add 6 Wheel Stormer in the middle. Add 2 steering versions on the ends.

3. Base: Building Out

Build this in front and back.

4. Body: Building Up

Build the blue and black.

5. Body: Continuing the Build

Build over the blue and black by 1 layer. Build the shown indent in front only. It is a 4 by 3 rectangle with 3 Edges on top and underneath.

6. Body: Adding Armor

Build the red again but do not edit the front.

7. Body: Building an Inside

Make the top flat. Only the visible green is required.

8. Body: Another Layer

Build the pink layer. It is the same as the green.

9. Body: Edging Toward the Finish

Build this blue trim.

10. Lookout: Rad Rod

One rod 1x3 and a cube.

11. Lookout: Protection

Follow these 3 steps. It is rounded. Turn off Mirror Build for this. (M key)

12. Decorations: Lighting

Add the 2 headlamps in front.

13. Decorations: SMGs

Add 5 Tier 4 SMGs. Use the picture. You don't need mirror build.

14. Coloring: Metallic Menace

Fully color it grey and make the wheels white.

15. Naming: Clone Turbo Tank

Name it Clone Turbo Tank. If you Upload it, mention me and my tutorial. Have fun!

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2 months ago
On step 14 you must say you clicked the left mouse button to color the outside because if people accidentally use the right mouse button then what is the point of coloring in the other steps XD

Ratings 8.0 context and 6.5 presentation
2 months ago
The new update added the undo button.
2 months ago
difficulty level : Architetctor LOL
2 months ago

Ratings 9.5 context and 9.5 presentation
2 months ago
Did you make it?
2 months ago

I do not need this, because there are so many bricks)

Ratings 9.5 context and 9.5 presentation
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