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How to build an effective propeller sprinter in a low CPU range

On CRF as -Anarchy-

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1 year ago
I think the main problem with this build is that after nerf of propeller, the jump height is greatly reduced. Because during a jump when the time prop reaches its full spin up, the mech has already about to fall. To solve this you need to put more upward thrusters, to give it initial acceleration and make the go up part movement last longer to let prop reaches full speed and begin to lift the bot.

Another thing enable center of mass in such build is very important, and do remember check the rotation of propellers (use the missing texture method).

1 year ago
My newer prop sprinters have up thrust and anarchy has been built after a prototype usin com for balance in flight thank you for feed back BTW i have perfected the chassis for prop placement so i follow that when building
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