How to make a small but armed robot!

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I play Robocraft on xbox one so I wont include any videos or pictures in my tutorials for a while.

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1. Building the frame

The first part to building a bot is to make a frame. It's your choice to make it big or small but I will be telling you how to make small, fast and powerful bot. So what you do is make a weak and small frame.

2. Movement Type

Now you'll want to think about what movement type your going to use. Wings and Rotors are probably the best choice but spider legs are good too because you can climb stuff and snipe people. Remember to use Thrusters to make you speedy and keep you alive.

3. Weaponry

Now we get to the fun stuff. Its time to pick your weapons. Any weapon is good if you use it properly, but what i suggest is Chain Shredders, Proto-Seekers or Rail Cannons to deal with air bots (If your on the ground a lot you can use an aeroflak) and Plasma Launchers, Rail Cannons or Chain Shredders to deal with ground bots.

4. Test it!

Now just test your bot! So this is the end of my tutorial! I hoped you liked it and if you comment and rate it and i'll do more! See you!

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