How to make your Tank a Fast Car as well!

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Did you ever play with a slow tank and think to yourself, man all these sprinter mechs, hovers and cars keep flaunting about how fast and maneuverable they are. I wish MY big strong tank can be fast too and now you can because boy, do I have a build tutorial and skill tactics for you!

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1. Starting point: Part 1

Take the front side of your tank and from a certain spot extend a health block or strut vine downward as seen in the images below.

2. Starting Point: Part 2

The vine ends with one health block just one block level below all tank treads as seen in the images below.

3. Frame!

In any tank make sure the certain strut frame goes through the middle bottom of every tank tread as seen below. Test the tank, it must not be capable of turning or moving at all so more tinkering may be needed.

4. Wheels!

Put wheels on each of the corners of the strut frame and start testing your tank/car! However the vehicle might not able to turn or stop very well at first. Some ways to fix this includes increasing the size of the frame and putting more struts below the tank treads.

5. Design Reasons!

The reason why the strut frame is built in the way it is so that it can easily be destroyed. That may sound bad but trust me, you do not want to be an stuck tank/car abomination. When most of the frame and wheels are destroyed you are back to being a capable (but slower) tank.

6. Tactics!

I personally prefer to use keyboard controls but it can still be camera controlled very well.

If you are not turning fast or at all then slow down (or re-tinker you bot).

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1 year ago
Are you saying tanks aren't fast enough? Man, they've made anything with tracks into a friggin speedracer now. Try playing with tracks only a year or two ago xD
1 year ago
Robo3 is gonna have to evolve

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