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This is a tutorial of how I make my cosmetic copters

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1. Front

I begin with the front of the bot.
I try many cosmetic parts untill I find one that i like, when I am happy with the front I start building arond it.

2. Core

I add a hover blade in the middle, you can add anything you like in the middle, perhaps a module if you want

3. Wings

I try what cosmetic parts would look good, when I am happy with one I start to build around it

4. Main body

I add more cosmetics to the main body and if possible I add rods to hold the wings

5. Tail

For me the tail is the hardest part of the bot to get to look good, I add a warp drive Engine using the League badges to my copters, but that is something that is just for fun.

6. Guns

I add guns mostly to the front of my copter because usually I shoot only things that are in front of me

7. Movement

I add rotorblades and thrusters to the copter

8. Details

I change small things, add vapourtrails and flags and I paint the bot

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