How to win easily in Battle Arena (IMO)

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In this tutorial i'll tell you how to win with ease every Battle Arena, at least in my opinion.
I recommend to use fast bots for this tutorial, since they're the key for taking points. This strategy works perfectly when in a 2-3 players party.

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1. Early Game

We're in the very first phase of the game, here just do like everyone does, take the Near Point. Then when the Near Point is yours, go to the Far Point to keep busy the enemies, giving time to your allies to take the Middle Point, and maybe, also get the Far Point at least at 2/3.

2. Mid Game

Now we'll take on the most difficult part of the game, since you'll never know what will happen, so just keep on capturing and defending points.
But there is a particular part you know, the Equalizer, AKA the Protonium Core, that if enemies manage to destroy, they'll get to at your same percentage of Annihalator Charge.
Anyway, there are two possibilities in this situation:
- if you're around 50% Annihalator Charge, just keep on defending points, since some enemies will take advantage on your team defending the core and take 2 points to get a better percentage;
- if you're around 70% defend the core, since even if enemies take all points, the time of the core won't be enough

3. Late Game

Just keep on defending points and you'll most likely win.

4. Results

If you followed this simple steps, you'll eventually be first in the leaderboard, since capturing mining points gives a ton of points.

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4 months ago
Im pretty sure this is what most of the players already do
4 months ago
seems like what everyone does is the right way to do BA
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