Ostrich artbot contest

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Here I start a new contest about ostriches only, follow the rules to have a change winning some prizes !

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1. Competition

Link to rc forums https://robocraftgame.com/forums/topic/ostrich-artbot-competition/

Once it’s been released, the ostrich became a meme in robocraft.
I’m really happy too see my bot got that much known and apreciated by the community and the devs themselves.
If you ever wanted to be creative as an ostrich, it’s your time to shine !

Let’s start the Ostrich Artbot Contest N°1 !

2. Rules

– Your bot must include a part of the ostrich bot (see my CRF for examples of ostrich remakes also the thumbnail contain some examples too)
– Your bot must be send in the CRF with the tag OST1 before the name (ex: OST1 Sprinter ostrich)
– IF YOU DON’T HAVE PREMIUM use the template in my crf and build your bot around, reply here with 3 pictures at least of your bot from different angles of vision.
– If you can’t reply here and you don’t have premium too, send me the bots via PM in discord https://discord.gg/cfmfJnX
– All the entries must be submitted before the 10 july 2017 00h00
– No need for weapons, use them if needded but your bot don’t need to be battle ready, it’s a pure artbot contest

3. Winners

– A longlist from all the bots submitted will be done, and 3 winners will be selected from this list in the following categories.
– Most creative bot / 5 protocrates
– Best looking bot / 5 protocrates
– An overall winner will be selected / 12 protocrates

4. Let's build ! good luck for this contest !

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11 months ago
Get ready for the ostrichpocolypse.
It's coming.

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
1 year ago
IM bredy :3

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
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