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Medics are an incredibly endangered species of robertcrafter, almost as rare as the special harambebot.
This is honestly quite sad, as medics are among some of the most useful classes IMO, and you may be unaware of the amount of green, sparkly dust you're missing out on.

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1. The weapon

In order to be a dedicated medic, you need to know the actual gun you're using: the nanotech disruptor. You can find 3 different 'tiers' of these beauties on the robocraft forge or get them from crates like other weapons.
Each tier has its advantages and disadvantages, so be prepared to know what you're using before you blow all your robits.
Uncommon (nano binder)
More likely to drop
Cheaper (720 robits)
Small size,smaller target
low cpu cost (higher redundancy)
costs exactly 0 energy to use
high fire rate (max is 10.00 per second, more than twice the firerate of the epic nanos)

Low healing (heals about 7000 per shot, the equivalent of... 3 blocks.)
need to stack up lots to heal enough, which ties in with the first disadvantage

NOTE: use these as a sort of constant healing gun, mainly used when you run out of energy.

Rare (nano mender)
Basically a jack of all trades (medium healing, medium energy cost, etc.)

costs 2,200 robits to forge, 3 times more expensive to forge.
lower redundancy than the uncommon binders.

NOTE: these are almost always the choice of weapon for dedicated medic bots. Just remember to keep an eye on that energy.

Epic (nano constructor)

really high healing, about 7 times faster than the uncommons and 2.5 times faster than the rares.
need to put on less guns to achieve max fire rate

very expensive, at 6,500 robits. you'll need to sell a lot of stuff, or grind a bit to achieve a few of these.
chews up energy like crazy. 303 energy per shot may not sound like much, but it's actually more than all the plasma tiers except for the epic and legendary plasmas.

NOTE: I'd use these for emergencies, like saving a near-death teammate.

If you right click with any one of these tiers selected, the guns on your bot will automatically target any wounded allies.

2. Bot design

You know the weapons, but it's no use putting them on any bot. There are a few rules you should follow to be the best on your team.
1. You'll have to be FAST (well, it's no use trudging over to a teammate only to find out your entire team died in the hours it took you to get there.)

2. You'll need to be somewhat tanky (you can't heal anyone if you're dead.)

3. You'll need to be controllable (how am I supposed to save lives when I can't get out of the base?)

We can rule out quite a few movement types because of this.
Mech legs X
Tank tracks X
aerofoil X
helicopter blades X well... maybe, if you have enough thrusters, but they take up lots of space.
wheels X they get no love...
insect legs X also get no love... until artbot comps arrive.
helium X
That leaves us with hoverblades, sprinter legs (?) and thrusters to back us up.
Hoverblades, while fairly fragile, are also much easier to protect and possess the ability to go higher or lower, meaning they can take shortcuts to get to locations quicker.

Backup weapons
In the olden days of robocraft, before the maximum loadout update, you could only have one weapon type on your bot, along with a few teslas. this meant nanos could do damage and heal, as low the damage actually was.
Now that you can put multiple weapons on your bot (up to five types) you can put a minimum of two more weapons, provided you used all three tiers of nanos on your bot.

Most medics use SMGs (or lasers)
I especially love vaporizers, as they possess basically the same qualities as nano menders; medium range everything.

3. Battle time

There is a lot more to medics than running around holding right click. This step will hopefully try to teach you how to perform more efficiently in some situations.

Let's say you're in a battle arena match, in a good-sized group, pushing towards the base. The group's doing fairly well, although one guy seems to be seriously wounded.

If you're attacked by an equally large group of enemies, your instinct may be to use right-click to save yourself the task of aiming at every single ally, but as the nanos split up between allies, the injured guy gets less healing than when you are lclicking. so you focus your higher tier nanos on the injured guy, whilst the rest of the team takes care of the group. After the battle, you can then use right click to restore the rest of the group back to normal. This way, no one dies and has to wait another minute to get back in. Believe me, a lot can happen in one minute and you need your entire team ready for a final push to the reactor.

Please be aware that although you are built to be fairly durable, you will usually be unable to take as much damage as things like mechs, tanks and even other hovers. You'll need to utilize terrain (and sometimes your own teammates - everyone needs to make a sacrifice) to reduce incoming damage and hide out for your autoheal to kick in.

Some of your teammates may be slightly... unobservant and will fail to notice your nanos. This means sometimes they will run away instead of going to you for healing and you will lose ground. Try to make your teammates aware that you can heal them, perhaps by going in full view of them (e.g going in front of them and shoot at the beginning), or typing a message in the chat (to your team, obviously) that you are a medic. A little goes a long way.

Remember that as a medic, people will constantly try and kill you, so you will need to make safer decisions. This means not putting your life at risk for someone halfway across the map, your teammates closer to you will then be at greater risk and will probably get annihilated with you gone. Plus there's no guarantee that you will even make it to the faraway bot; you will probably get ganged up on. The guy may scream at you in chat for 'not healing me y u do dis freejam the game is dead now change recycle rate to 666%' but you have still made a good decision, which will help get a win and even a protonium crate.

4. Conclusion

Thanks for reading my first ever guide (or you just scrolled down here, in which case thanks for scrolling down, it helps a lot :D )
I probably missed something, so you can feel free to comment on what you would like added or think needs improving, and I'll try my best to follow that.

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10 months ago
Mais ou menos bem explicado ;)

Ratings 7.0 context and 5.0 presentation
1 year ago
So that is baisicly what I did all along to 3500+ MMR. I'll make a use of that in my vids(if these are going to see the daylight)

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2 years ago
Nice tutorial

Ratings 8.5 context and 7.5 presentation
2 years ago

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2 years ago
Medics are an incredibly endangered species of robertcrafter, almost as rare as the special harambebot.There take all my 10s! xD

Ratings 10.0 context and 10.0 presentation
2 years ago
Medics, R.I.P. 2016 bye medics :(
2 years ago
not bad but could use a little work

Ratings 7.0 context and 5.0 presentation
2 years ago
Yeah. this is my first guide, so I wasn't really expecting it to be flawless :P But If you want, you could give me some feedback on what is needed, and I'll try my best to implement it in.
This message was deleted at 02 Nov 2016
2 years ago
I'm sorry, what?
2 years ago
The guide is pretty good.
As a hardcore medic player I think most of this is correct. But I think a little math about the different nano spec would be great (maybe I'll edit my post with it later).

Also maybe you could add some robots that works well as medic bots, and how to play them. You won't be the same medic if you use a medic drone or a hover medic. Mind about that.

PM me if you want any additional help :)

Ratings 8.5 context and 7.0 presentation
2 years ago
Hmm, I'll try with the math (no guarantees), but the part about adding in some 'example' medic bots I should be alright with. Thanks for the suggestions!
2 years ago
I really like it, and that is coming from a medic! I like how you geared it to people that are newer to the class as well. The only thing that I would add is that medics are support. I pet that most players would look at this and try to rush or be over agressive. Anyways GJ!

Ratings 9.5 context and 9.5 presentation
2 years ago
Thanks for that, I'll try to add in a few of your suggestions :)
2 years ago
No problem, I just see many "medics" rush in to save someone all the way in the enemy's front line, without any support. It gets a bit old XD

Ratings 9.5 context and 9.5 presentation
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