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Simple Tesla Ball guide for new player's also for everyone , simple 255 cpu , but deadly , easy to play but take a skill you can find it in CRF Techhunter or Tesla Ball , also it's cheap so everyone can afford it , check my other robot's XD

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1. Step 1

You need 4 thruster t1 lynx for this step and 1 solid cube , face thruster like in spin postion of fan.

2. Step 2

Add 5 cubes and 4 thruster panter what goes in cross 2 up and 2 down like on picture.

3. Step 3

For this step you only need 1 cube and 4 thruster lynx , put cube in middle and face thruster in direction negative from 1 st step.

4. Step 4

Face tesla like showed in picture and you done. Make sure use camera mode b4 testing. 255 cpu only

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1 year ago
I don't think a tutorial about making this ez thing is neccesary, just a cloned design as all the other tesla balls.
and could be better with resized images too

feel meh :/

Ratings 5.5 context and 4.0 presentation
1 year ago
Thank you for feedback , but many people asked how to face thruster so I gave tutorial beside it's free :D and more build's coming soon.
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