The Basics of Damage Forcing

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Damage forcing is an easy and safe way to not die as fast while still being compact.

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1. What type of robot?

I find this works best with mechs, but pretty much any type is viable. (Also satellites are too stupid for this to work on.)

P.S. Always start from scratch!

2. The Mechanics of Damage Spread

When a projectile hits a block and it destroys it the extra damage that wasn't used is put into the cubes connected to the original cube. If a parts connection to the main hull of the robot is severed said part will be destroyed, even if it is not in contact with the original destroyed block. This happens because the death of close friends/loved ones with damage your mental state.

Image key:

Orange transparent block = destroyed block

Blue blocks = affected blocks by the destruction of the first block

3. The Main Idea

To combat the spread of damage throughout the bot people build pots to have very few and strategically placed connection points for parts. That's why this technique is called "forcing" because you are "forcing" damage to certain areas of the robot. Just like I was forced to serve in Nam.

Image key:

Orange transparent block = destroyed block

Blue blocks = affected blocks by the destruction of the first block

Gray blocks = completely safe blocks from the destruction of the first block

4. Rod Forcing

When your starting out damage forcing the easiest way, at least for me, is rod forcing. The main thing is to make a skeleton out of rods connecting to essential parts like legs and weapons, then making a shell around said skeleton that only touches the skeleton at a hard to destroy area, such as the center. It's like real life when your murder someone, ya gotta break them bones and essential bits!

5. Triforcing

Triforcing is a damage forcing type that mainly forced on using edges and triangles, hence the name "triforcing". Probably the most common way to triforce is to make a layer of assorted edges. While this method of damage forcing provides more protection than rod forcing but it also makes you robot so fat that it has more lateral surface area than me while wearing a ruffled tuxedo.

Image Key:

White blocks = Outer shell

Gray blocks = Triforced part

Orange block = Connection point

6. Examples of Damage Forcing

As you can see in these images using damage forcing I can escape before dying.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, good luck in building and remember that sacrifice is the only way to succeed!

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