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In this tutorial we go through how to make a tutorial at Robocraft Garage so you won't have to guess how it works!

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1. Starting a project

First of click on the "Add Project" in the menu. On this page you can give a name("Project Name") to your tutorial and afterwards you must select "Tutorial" as the project type. Click continue.

2. General

If everything was successful you should get to a page with general info to fill in for your tutorial. There are also three tabs + a save button on the top to navigate the editor.

Basic information
Select what movement types, weapons, tier range and pflops amount applies to the tutorial

A tag describes your tutorial. You are limited to 4 tags per tutorial, so it might be a bit tricky to figure out which ones you should select. But you should select the most suitable tags, e.g. You have a build guide of a medic, then following 4 tags might be suitable: Medic, Nanogun, Hovercraft, Build-guide.

Short Description
The first 120 characters (space is counted as 1 character) of this field will display in the listing. So keep the first sentences effective/selling before you start going into details.

3. Steps

Now onto the "Steps"-tab, the core of a tutorial. In here you can add up to 15 steps for your tutorial. Start of by clicking the "Add a new step" button and you'll get a few fields to fill in.

Step Title
This is just a heading for the step.

Step Position
This field is to give a position for the step in this tutorial. The lowest number will be the first step, the highest number will be the last step. If all steps have the same position it will basically be random sorted. This must be a digit, if you input anything else it won't work.

Step Image
Clicking this button opens a popup where you can upload images and select one for the specific step. It is not a must to add images, but will probably add some quality to the tutorial.

This is the content of the step. Let your fingers free. You may use any of the Robocraft Garage BB-codes in this field (see image below).

4. Image Bank

On the right in the "Steps"-tab you'll see a button "Image Bank", this opens the same popup as the "Upload & Select Image" button. In this popup you may upload multiple images at once. Note: Sometimes you have to be patient for the images to pop up below the "upload bar".

5. Thumbnail and Youtube

Last, but not least, is the "Media"-tab.

In here you may upload a thumbnail that will be shown in the list. It is recommended to upload an image with the dimension 250x175px for best result!

If you have a youtube video for your tutorial, this is the place to add it. You may copy the whole youtube video link to the field. Robocraft Garage should be able to read it. If not, you should try just copying the youtube id as marked in the image.

6. Saving

When you want to preview or think you're done editing you may click the "Save" button. You should see a popup and if everything goes smoothly you should get something like the image below.

If your tutorial is not yet public, you should see the bottom blue button. Clicking this button will publish the tutorial, making it available for everyone. Before you publish your tutorial, the tutorial will only be visible to you as a preview.

7. Conclusion

I hope this tutorial will help you adding tutorials to Robocraft Garage. Looking forward to reading them all! :D

Have a nice day!

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2 years ago
wow, very useful! Since I am new to robocraftgarage and am proud to share my robots! :)
2 years ago
Thx so much :)

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Nice tutorial!

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thanks for this

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I realised i didnt rate this x)

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3 years ago
Thx finaly i know how to make one :)

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3 years ago
Thx for a TUTORIAL for a TUTORIAL!

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3 years ago
Yey! Tutorial!

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3 years ago
lol........this is just too funny....xD......though i am 4 months late in commenting this...D;

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3 years ago

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3 years ago
Maybe necessary
maybe not

good job either way

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3 years ago
Every one has rated 10 on both options! You don't see that much! very useful tutorial though :)

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3 years ago
This is like the best recursion ever.

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3 years ago
Tutorialception :D

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3 years ago
I like the new site design ^_^

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3 years ago
Makes it look a lot nicer

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3 years ago
Lol, a tutorial on how to make a tutorial xD priceless

But does this mean we can finally put captions for normal bots' pictures or no?
3 years ago
You wasted no time did you? ^^

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3 years ago
you gave such bad ratings :o OwO

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3 years ago
This is a great addition to the site, thanks!

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