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The great-granddaddy of robertcraft guns, the smg, is older than that one nine plus ten vine, as carefully balanced as Donald Trump's hair on his greedy head and as energy efficient as Antarctica. It is one of your best friends in battle, but ONLY if you use it right.

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1. Quick rundown

SMGs (I know they are called lasers, but let's stick with SMG for now) are low-energy, high firerate, consistent damage weapons that are now usually used as backups for more power-hungry weapons, like plasma or chain shredders. These can be used to stop enemies from auto-healing, quick-action sniping, one-on-one combat, you name it. They are very adaptable, so you'll almost always have time for anything from a quick SMG blast to a full barrage of JUSTICE RAINS DOWN FROM ABOVE on your enemies.

2. Weapon stats

There are lots of tiers of SMGs, from the uncommon wasp to the legendary leviathan. All of these will have different strategies due to different stats, so I'll give a quick brief of what strategy you should implement for each tier.

UNCOMMON SMGS (wasp + hornet)


Damage per energy: 211


Damage per energy: 201

Not quite the fastest fire rate in robertcraft, but we're getting there. These guns can be fired for long periods of time as they simply do not consume enough energy, making them great in a pinch. They are also tiny, so enemies will have trouble trying to disarm all of your guns.

RARE SMGS (blaster + vaporiser)


Damage per energy: 190


Damage per energy: 180

These ones trade in some energy efficiency for damage, and are a staple of any SMG main bot at around 1000cpu, being fairly centered between energy efficiency and damage.

EPIC SMG (disintegrator)

Damage per energy: 144

These are a rare sight for under 1500cpu bots, as they actually consume a fair bit of energy, especially without a power module. These should only be used as a main in higher cpus, and as a sniper at lower cpu.

LEGENDARY SMG (leviathan)

Damage per energy: 135

This thing is the bane of my life. Probably because I suck. This SMG delivers great DPS, but cannot keep on shooting for as long as other tiers. It's great for one-on-ones, but weakens against groups, who can target the giant gun easily. When you play against these, remember to stay in groups.

3. Tap-firing

As you hold down the fire button, you will find that a little crosshair on the screen starts spreading out, with your shots spreading out with it. This means that your shots are less likely to land when trying to hit enemies halfway across the map.

But there is a way called 'tap-firing' which helps hit faraway enemies. It means you take aim, tap, wait for the crosshair to slowly come back and fire again. This helps assist in taking down airborne and camping enemies.

Tap-firing is much more effective with stronger guns, as they deal more damage in less rounds.

4. Bot design

SMG bots are good in groups or solo, so you can feel free to choose whatever you want. I'm a team player, so I prefer a mech so I can take hits for my team and give out hits at the same time. As solo, however, you'll most likely want some burst damage and speed on your bot, so add in some plasma or shotguns.

For a team player I recommend:
Mech legs
Tank tracks

Some extra weapons:

Modules (OPTIONAL)
Disc shield

For solo:
Wheels (I know they don't get any love, but what can I say?)
Wings and Rudders
Copter blades

Extra weapons:
Ion destabiliser/distorter


Weapon placement (Top, Side, front, back or Down?)

Let's start off with the basics. If you have something like a cruiser (wheel bot) or a mech, you can only place them on the top, front or sides.

The advantage of top smgs is that they can fire at airborne units and ground units, but if you place them too high, they can be unable to target nearby enemies.

Side smgs can fire in almost every direction, but make sure to take care of these. If you lose an smg on your left and only have smgs on your right remaining, you cannot fire left at all unless you turn.

Bottom SMGs should only be considered if you have something like a helicopter, as their view is restricted on ground vehicles. Keep in mind that you need some form of weapon on the side and top, as you may find there are enemies even higher than you are.

smgs placed on the front have the benefit of covering all directions; top, front, left AND right. Sadly, they are also more prone to damage, as even the dimmest of robocraft players can be able to crash into you guns blazing. Plasma barrages coming from in front of you (VERY common, by the way) can almost instantly destroy your front weapons.

Back smgs should only be used as an extra weapon for shooting up, or, if you're using keyboard steering, as an emergency weapon. If you use camera steering though, you will almost never even get a chance to even fire the weapon.

P.S You'll notice there are two types of smgs you can buy: front and top. Top smgs are (as of 5/11/2016) vastly superior as they take up much less space on your bot.

Space taken up by different SMG tiers.

Wasps can be placed 2 blocks next to each other, but not directly next to each other. There needs to be a block of space around them (top smgs)
There needs to be 2 blocks left between two front wasps.

There need to be 2 blocks in between top hornets and 3 blocks left between front hornets.

3 blocks inbetween for top, 4 for front.

4 blocks for top, 5 for front.

5 for top, 6 for front.

20 blocks inbetween two leviathans, and you must leave a 13 block area clear for a single leviathan.

5. Battle tactics

As SMGS are able to adapt to circumstances, they are basically the infantry of the team. They work well when you find a group, as you can compensate for each other's weaknesses. For example, at the beginning you follow a plasma bot on your team. You go around for a bit and you are attacked at close quarters. Plasma is not as well suited for close combat as SMGs, so you drive the attacker back and the plasma bot bombs the enemy, helping each other out.

SMGs shine at destroying protonium crystals, especially vaporiser SMGs in that regard. Capping towers should be easy for you, as you don't need to wait 10 seconds to do enough damage.

Although SMGs are energy-efficient, they do not do as much damage as plasmas, shotguns, etc. Try and avoid shots, while getting rid of key points like mobility, guns, and cubes protecting these pieces. Your enemy will hopefully be forced to retreat, unless you took out their transport, in which case they will try and attack you. Now that they aren't moving, you can easily dispatch their weapons, and your attacker is now nothing but a block. You can take it from there.

If confronted with a group, spot all the attackers (press Q while aiming at them) and retreat to find backup. You may want to walk backwards instead of turning your back on them, and shoot while you retreat.

6. That's all for now ;)

If you liked this guide, feel free to rate it. If you didn't like this guide, feel free to rate it and give some reasons to why you didn't like it to help me.

Thanks for reading my second guide (or scrolling down to pretend you've read my second guide.)

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Nice Guide...but i was expecting to find more where to place them (side ,up , down), the front tipe of smg ?...maybe the distance required to place 2 smgs closer...nice tip with the battle tactics. And add some images or a short video.

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good idea, I'll try to add it in.
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