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Plasma Hover added 11 months ago

4x carbon 6 Plasma Devastator

6x Hover Blade Squall

Mass:11,439 Kg
Speed:185 Mph
Speed Boost: 1.28%
Health Boost:63%

2x Helium
2x Blink Modules
2x Rod Diagonal 2D
1x Bubble Blower
1x Headlight

Note 1
Yeah I know this is bad but I made the thumbnail for this already so I don't care anymore about how it looks over the newer better looking ones.

Note 2
Yes I am aware I said I would forgot about the gap in the middle of the body connecting the shirt and shorts. After seeing the cpu I had remaining I decided that I would not have enough left for to connect the shirt and pants so instead I removed stuff from the skirt instead of adding a proper connector which in term made this look much more basic and boring to the point the only reason I haven't scraped it yet is because I can look back and see how much I sucked.

Note 3
It is true most of this is written at 1 a clock months ago but the rest of it is just me quickly trying to finish it to set bot to public so I no longer care about the grammar and sentence structure. Deal with it and just skip the bot if that is important to you but considering 99% of people will skip that whole section it doesn't matter.

Note 4
Calling it now this will get less then 100 views and no ratings. If that did come off as salty or angry then I am sorry because it wasn't meant that way.
It was meant in a way of saying this is that bad it would let be worth getting that high.

Note 5 all images are highly outdated and will not get renewed

Journal Log 4561:
Warning this was mostly written at 1 am and was not double checked to see if it made any sense. If you see any sentences with missing words or grammatical errors don't blame me but instead blame the very tired me instead.

Datalog start .
Beginning playback.


After the long and gruelling battle in the reactor floor basement and after the countless waves of angry robots seeking revenge for for the inventor using them as mindless slaves and as disposable test subjects, the inventor falls to the floor covered in blood and filled with bullet holes. He crawls to the nearest teleporter and enters a overwrite code to avoid it sending him to the main lobby which by this stage is overrun with robots and hacked machines of war reprogrammed to rip him apart piece by piece.

The reprogrammed teleporter instead takes him to a hidden floor with a half finished mind transference device which was thankfully undamaged and still had the basic functions intact.
As he was starting the machine up to boot a light flashed above to signal that the backup reactor which was meant to power the device was out of fuel and he would bleed out or get shot before he could make it to the storeroom which to his knowledge contained 1 last fuel rod.

As a last resort the inventor sets the backup power supply to overload which he predicts will generate enough power to activate the machine once before exploding and damaging the quantum reactor he nearly died protecting but the risk of the city being destroyed was not as great as his death would be and goes with the plan which can kill everyone anyway. As he hits enter on the console connected to the overloading reactor he hopes if it all fails he will not be remembered for killing all the survivors of the robot army assault while they were marching towards the tower.

As the half finished machine activates, the building shakes and crumbles under the extreme vibrations and force from the exploding backup reactor as the core finally goes into critical meltdown and starts a internal chain reaction which overloads the power grid and powers up the machine for the 10 seconds required for the transfer before shorting out every junction and fuse box which in turn disconnects power to all floors in the once great tower.

As the power grid overloads and the building falls in on itself the quantum reactor outer casing becomes damaged and the stabiliser unit inside begins to fail. The leaking fuel from the quantum reactor mixes with the ion gases leaking for the robotic husks to create a new chemical that when energised with the melting down core starts to bends time and space around it.

The new strange airborne chemical starts expanding rapidly until it has covered the whole tower and satellite buildings connected to it but was stopped from going further due to the radiation from the quantum reactor dieing out past passed a certain point.
The whole tower seemed to freeze in place with everyone and everything inside the bubble no longer being affected by gravity with some pieces closer to the source of the radiation seemingly disappearing and reappearing like magic.

Over 200 years later the inventor activates from cold sleep as the body can no longer detect any major threat to the user.
As the inventor wakes up he starts scanning the environment only to find out over the years the prototype body has been falling to pieces due to the freak weather and some vital sub systems for the weapons and shield system have been stolen years ago from scrappers looking for a quick buck.
Instead of getting annoyed at the thief of such expensive parts he slowing gets used to the new body in hopes of hunting them down and retrieving what was taken by force.
Two days pass and the invented feels like he has a sufficient control of the new body by the fact it doesn't feel sluggish and heavy anymore.

Along the way to the ground from the now floating bedroom he discovers a robot which was in the attack against the tower being aged then restored over a over by the strange space/time altering chemical and chooses to rip its head off and take its power cores as revenge.
Apon reaching the ground the inventor heads straight for the last known location of the AI strongbox and nearly fell into some concrete which is now defying logic and is acticing like quicksand.

On the long climb down the various pieces of metal and concrete stuck in a state of antigravity he finds a mostly undamaged room which looks like a burnt out assembly line but the style of the room is different from what he made and decides to go in to investigate.
After the tedious climbing and parkouring he manages to find a broken wall and jumps in but to his surprise it is filled with what looks like inferior knockoff versions of his new experimental robotic body with strange military paint jobs.
After looting any useful parts of the broken bots out of the corner of his eye he spots a skeleton holding a piece of paper and moves over to investigate what could be written on it.
When he picks up the paper he discovers it is the plans to his body which all physical copy's if this secret project should of been destroyed in the fall of the tower and the backups on the server purged to avoid the free thinking robots gaining knowage to improve themselves.
Furious he rips off a head one of the many knockoffs into a still semi fuctional generater and causes the room to explode and blast him out at high velocity into the ground crushing a crane on the way.

Bananas are great and so is pineapple on pizza.

After 3 days he reaches the high tech weapon cache and sees it is still untouched but as soon as he enters the 657 bit encrypted password to turn off the defences which are set to activate when when a unauthorised person enters within a 2 foot radius of the door a cargo ship deorbits above him and crashes into the city behind him.
Curious why a ship of that size crashed the he against his better judgment quickly loots the cache for parts and goes to investigate and on the journey back all he hopes is that the main reactor core hasn't entered a form of meltdown which could kill him.

Among the wreckage he discovered a few pieces of history which date back all the way to the fall of the tower and the events following as the world tore itself apart trying to deal with this new menace.
After searching for a while he discovers a map of known worlds and trade routes which the ship was using before it crashed into the city and as he downloads the data to his new internal storage device a warning starts flashing above about the 2nd reactor core melting down.


After entering the atmosphere in the burning wreckage of the stolen pirate starship which attacked the personal vtol he made from scrap after the meltdown.
The inventor makes 1 final correction course to send it into the sea below delta 5 and starts to wash off the blood and beings to paint his robotic body a skin colour while finding some slightly less damaged clothing from the pirates to blend into the new world and sociality where free thinking robots are activity hunted out of fear and hate.


Datalog integrity compromised below safe margin
Shuting down.

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8 months ago

Ratings 10.0 creative0
10 months ago

Ratings 10.0 creative0
11 months ago
QvQ/ cute

Ratings 10.0 creative0
11 months ago
Great looking. What is up with the long description? is it a story or something?

Ratings 10.0 creative0
11 months ago
The long description can be called a story if you wanted but it is just there to give the bots a backstory.
The exact reason why I give them backstory is lost even to me but it is more fun then just posting stats( though it can become very boring the longer I put it off )
But I went a tad but to overboard so sorry about that.
Also thank you for your rating.
11 months ago
Oh guess what again... I didn't read the full description :3

Ratings 10.0 creative0
11 months ago
Yeah not many people do.
To the point i can say pineapple pizza is the best in the middle of it and nobody would find out.
also thanks for the rating.
11 months ago
very cute XD

Ratings 10.0 creative0
11 months ago
Thank you for your rating.
11 months ago
That looks beautiful.

(Is that a bubble blower? Unfamiliar with it. Thought it was a weapon)

Ratings 10.0 creative0
11 months ago
Thank you for your rating.
And to answer the question which was already answered, yes that is a bubbleblower because it was the only thing that can be used as the top of a gun at that scale.
If the bot was bigger I would of made it out of normal blocks but that can't be done here it is was the next best choice. Plus it uses 0 real cpu.
11 months ago
Yeah its a bubble blower

Ratings 10.0 creative0

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