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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for perfect designs coupled to the best efficiency.
I hope these designs will give you much inspiration.
What I mostly like...drawing, painting, piano, guitar...

How do I rate robots ?

-Practical rating :

3 points for firepower (gun mounts, amount of guns)
3 points for durability (rodforcing, strutforcing, redundancy for movement parts...)
3 points for agility (2 different movements improve agility)
1 point for the most practical bots.

-Creative rating :

3 points for originality (global design)
3 points for harmony (the shapes fit nicely)
3 points for complexity (I like complex designs)
1 points for the most creative bots.

My series :

Police Robots :

- Albhed Sealer-
-Hazmat 4k-
-Hewer AAC--Mercenary-

Former Robots :

-Achille 4k-
-Dualist 2k-
-Gearheart 2k-
-Razor 2k-
-Ultimum Concentus-

Exhumed Robots :

-Double Cross-
-Medusa 4k-

Angels & Demons :


Reapers :


Tutorials by Zalera

Tutorial : How many thruster does your plane need ?

Hi everyone, Here is a short tutorial to teach you how many thrusters your plane will need to fly in Robocraft with MK1..

Avg. Rating 10.0

Profile Messages

3 weeks ago
Hope to see something cool in the future, sadly a lot of planes aren't as agile as they once were.
1 month ago
What do you use to edit the thumbnail of your bots?
1 month ago
*Checks Profile* (totally not stalking...)
-Where are yah?!
*Tries to attract using some cookies and a fan*
-This should do the trick.
1 month ago
First of all, I want to thank you for such a Titanic work. I bought a few robots and can confidently say that they are the best I've seen in a game. Unfortunately, not all of these robots in the Roboshop but I hope they will). Thank you for such the best robots!
2 months ago
Why you delete all your robots from CRF ?
2 months ago
I am not ok with the new system, people now don't pay to rent bots, and us "builders" only recieve a few robits from people using our robots.

Basically the normal system for me is : people pay, and then they can use the bot.

Since the system is now favorizing poor people without parts or money, and not builders anymore, I think I won't use the CRF anymore ^^
2 months ago
Seems you have change your thoughts, cool. Sure if you have time to tell my why this change i will read
BTW, i want to test your space ship called hope. Is for design only ? Because it can t fly that s for sure. And hovers on it are like 1 sky :(
1 month ago
Because of the new wings
2 months ago
i like the new system cuz i spent all my money on mask and spikes multiple times and sold all of them xd
2 months ago
I let my normal bots in the CRF, just removed megabots afteral ^^'
2 months ago
Je pourrais peut-être revenir, nous verrons bientôt, il y a deux ans, la planification n'a pas cessé, un jour, peut-être demain, peut-être la semaine prochaine, peut-être dans quelques mois, je vais révéler un nouveau mégabot.
2 months ago
Who knows, only time will tell us ^^
2 months ago
2 months ago
congrats on the purple, but i dont know if the color of the rank really works that well

also, any of your planes still work in this new update?
2 months ago
Well, some still work yes, mostly the pure planes, or light hoverplanes ^^'
2 months ago
wow, purple
2 months ago
I prefered red :'(
2 months ago
wtf since when was purple rank a thing?
2 months ago
I honestly prefer the red color... but well, I'm purple now :3
2 months ago
I preferred red too, because Purple grandmaster is like the "master" rank that everyone looks up to, and now that there is basically two it doesn't seem as impressive.
2 months ago
The fact is that... i don't like purple coloring at all, or more like fushia etc :/
2 months ago
Gratz on Purple! =D
2 months ago
Ahah thank you, I had a long road here, people made me be the color I am (and maybe my comments too, I won 12 000 only with my comments omg... ahah ^^')
2 months ago
Thats awesome!You are a big part of this comunity, you are one of the players that give people hope and inspiration to continue playing this game.
A massive thank you for all of what you've done =)
3 months ago
I also though the character in your icon was a monkey doing god knows what xD, but now i know who it is, and i actually found out because she is in a videogame =P
3 months ago
Yup, the tongue may look weird maybe idk ^^'
3 months ago
Ooh, I have yet to favourite you. That is rather curious.

Also, now I see what your profile picture is. Hello, Toko.
3 months ago
Finally someone who says this isn't a bird ahah ^^
3 months ago
I'm curious to see your new megas once they get added or made, hopefully, we get a bit of a physics rework for the hovers though, not to sure how to deal with that 3k carry mass.
3 months ago
Yeah I'm trying to do some good working things... ^^
3 months ago
Are we going to see your competitive MEGA hover come back ?
3 months ago
You mean Avenger ? Sadly no... the physics aren't the same an it doesn't work anymore ^^'
3 months ago
Not e particular design, you have many hover and can t say what is the best one in combat/estetic.
P.S. i seems hover have a bigger hit-box but with 10.000 cpu we can do some improve
For what to build one if hovers are lame ? Well, for extetic and for pride to have one and more than sure DEVs will make some balance change
3 months ago
Je crois que je m' achèterais bien le petit -Charger- !
3 months ago
Il n'est pas dans la CRF il me semble ^^'
4 months ago
Zalera uses lots o robots to cram up the features robots section
it's super effective
everyone's bots have been cleaned up nicely and placed in the dark, dank corner known as the second page of robots
4 months ago
Hmmm maybe I uploaded a bit too many robots ^^'

They won't stay that long tho, and then I'll wait till my next upload anyway :)
4 months ago
U use building hacks to make your bots look amazing!
Those hacks work quite well doh =)
4 months ago
Thank you, I can sell you some hacks for cookies ... please, i need cookies :(
4 months ago
We can share da cookies =3
4 months ago
Lemme share da hack then :3
4 months ago
5 months ago
And don't delude urself, im not his friend. Im just doing what i think the right thing
Tectonix is just person who is in same community, i didn't ask or talk with him anything execept he didnt copy it
Im not helping him as his friend, try to make game the least fair that who have more friends dominate the game. U think this is right? Freind fight?
I've never tried to make any relationship with any foreign but I recently knew the truth of this game. All mods have same clan and always make the god damn friendship that doesnt head to anyone except themselves
We call this d*ckship in korea. Only take care of their friends and leave everyone else
Tell the 2 to 3 mods and adms who discussed with you that you guys are example of typical d*ckship

And i dont need my robot's copy deleted honestly i dont care. Just checked what freejam say about this
5 months ago
I got reply for reporting of my lamborghini's copy.


Hi Hee_ya,

We don't remove robots from CRF due to copyright claims I'm afraid. This is because it is really hard for us to verify the original owner with all the possible design permutations available in Robocraft's editor.

It is an absolutely lovely robot design though and you should be immensely proud of this design. The best thing to do is upload this design to the CRF again and see if you get any more downloads.




So even freejam officer doesn't do any warn or something for copy, but you did.
You think this is reasonable?
Idk you're mod,adm,something, just know that has some authority. But just know that what u did can be abuse of it

Tectonix just don't care of it so im not gonna say cancel of it
And yes there's possibility of same or simmilar design. Remember of it
Just don't think as fact which is only in your mind. At korea we call it brain-ficial
What I said at 1st comment is a half right, thinkless, worried about robocraft,ect. Now i can sure about this
5 months ago
I wont argue more about this, we both know the Night Wolf was a copy.

Little bots like cars don't allow you to add much details due to the small size, but complex big robots with identical details and main shape are nothing but copies.

Also, you can still argue but before warning him, I discussed with 2 admins and 3 mods, who all saw the copied design in this and so we decided to remove the bot, so there's nothing about "abuse" in that story. Your friend copied and forced the upload, he get a legit warn for it since he has been warned twice in the chat. I don't care about people using the same shapes here and there for another bot, but the same shapes on the same bot is just disrespectful and I don't support it.

As well if a friend or a people I know has some copies of his bots in the CRF, I'll ask a mod to remove the copy, even if it's not a copy of my bot. I know people need money, I know people need inspiration, but the CRF is made for original designs, and I can't let the creative designs being copied for money or fame when the builder is just a cheater. Tho, I don't care about meta designs, they can be copied as much as people want.

Anyway, if Dan can't help you with your car, it means that you didn't give him the proof needed to justify it's your car and not another's one. The best way is to share a robocraftgarage link, then a CRF date, or a let's build video if you have one on a youtube channel.
5 months ago
I did all of that, the post link, updated date, explanation of why this is copy.
And it's an art bot. the whole 1000 cpu of it can add cosmetic parts. not same with normal bots
'Know'? Tectonix says he didn't know the robot even exists. i didn't say any word of it you just thought that i have same thinking
yes that's your brain-ficial. you just decided that this is fact, in your mind.
First of all HE SAYS it's not copying. how did you proved it to delete it? hacked his computer and read his mind?
no one 'knows' it is copy or not, except him

and i really dont know who is mod adm so this one is just my misunderstand,

saying again THE OFFICER didn't do anything about this. officer of freejam. higher authority. The 2 or 3 mods or adm has problem too. how did they confirmed that?
I feel stronger and stronger that in this game who just have many friends all wins.
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