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Hi there i'm X_Bin(IGN: ianxianbin05). So you are probably in my profile wanting to learn about me so who am I? I'm a person that likes making art and i also like star wars. So don't be surprised if you start seeing star wars stuff by me. I'm not the greatest fighter in game but i can make some average robots built for combat. I usually get 1-3 place in Battle Arena and in brawls i usually end up dead last almost same for TDM.

Everyday Life for me
So what do i do during my free time well i just sit on the computer(not literally on the computer) and play games and play with my dog(SHE IS NOT VIRTUAL). I have nothing else to do really so the computer is my world.

So my play style is stay on the move and keep a low profile so people don't get easy kills off me. I usually use rare lasers or epic rails for my sprinters and my tanks i usually use epic lasers. On my insect robots i usually equip them with the a rail impaler and uncommon lasers. I usually give my insect snipers rudders to fly and get a quick escape from invaders or other snipers. I usually don't use unstable movement parts like sleds and wheels(Wheels have gotten better). I usually play with parts that are stable and can move quickly. Planes i don't use too often but if i do i usually only put plasmas on them. Drones something i didn't find hard to use or kill were pretty good until the aerofoils update killing most drones. Drones weren't to hard you just have to fight it find the players flight pattern and kill them. If the player doesn't have a flight pattern they are probably not the greatest and can easily be countered.

Personal Tips on Combat
So off of my experience with fighting in the robocraft world every part has a weakness. So whatever that weakness is you can use it to your advantage. Most common weapons that are complained about is Ions, Teslas, and Missiles. So people always Gripe about these 3 weapons well the weapons aren't hard to counter. Countering Ions How i counter ions is constantly move away from the ions. Speeders can sometimes have trouble staying the right distance from there target. Another thing is shoot at the Ions usually a robot will hold only 1-2 Ions. In the current Meta Ions are usually light Speeders meant to inflict lots of damage. These are known as Glass cannons a delicate but deadly robot. So usually you can just shoot between the Ions usually destroying both due to lack of armor. Countering Teslas How i simply counter tesla is try to stay in a group you are most vulnerable to tesla when you are alone. Teslas are pretty fragile so a few shots with any weapon can usually destroy a mouth full of Teslas. Another simple way to dodge is give your robot the ability of flight because most stable and deadly Teslas are on Ground. How to Counter Missiles The infamous missiles that most people hate. I even had a time of hatred over these things until i found the weakness to them. Missiles are simple they take 3 seconds to lock-on to a target giving you 3 seconds to kill or run. So the aggressive approach is to simply shoot down the copter or plane using these. If it is on ground just shoot the missile pod itself. I'm not saying target these things i'm just saying you can kill them pretty easily because the missile pod is pretty large. The epic variant consumes more energy than the legendary so you can use that to your advantage. The Safer approach is to take cover from the missiles before locking on. Even after locking on being behind cover will destroy the missiles before hitting you. What if you are an Air unit then dive bomb to cover or fly by something to interrupt the lock-on such as the Vanguards wing. If you can stay behind cover and shoot the target than that is a must otherwise most missile users will pursue you.

IK this is like some thing that should be on how to counter but that is how i play so yeah. Now you know more about me.