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Sup bruhz.
Some stuff about maself :P

1. I was born at 2000.9.23. So Im currently 18.
2. I live in Korea.
3. I suck at robocraft (lol no).
4. I usually do builds, but dont play that much.
5. My favorite mode is AI bots (Bruh).
6. Ehhh... not actually AI bots, its Practice mode (lol wut).
7. .... Actually no, I love tutorial mode (bruh plz).
8. Ok for real, I love TDM.
9. Im a little bit dumb at english cuz I actually dont study english that much. (like seriously, I only do english 30 minutes per day :P)
10. Dis is my 2nd favorite game, 1st is overwatch (bruh)
11. Just jokin :D I love robocraft the most XD

Dis is all u need to know about meh :P

P.S. Dont ask meh about how long my stick is, Its real tiny.
(u know what I mean, my fingers)

Profile Messages

2 years ago
Welcome back again.
2 years ago
Lol your bio

P.S. Dont ask meh about how long my stick is, Its real tiny.
(u know what I mean, my fingers)

2 years ago
Hi guys :D
Im writing this message to explain what happened the last few days and months.
1year ago (when I started high school) I started to study hard and was not able to play games that much.
I slowly started to forget this game, and also some other games (ex: trove, warframe etc.)
I started to play games again about 4 months after starting highschool, but at that time I was playing overwatch, and I got sooo addicted to it :P
I almost completly forgot about dis game (seriously, my brain is so dumb)
But I did play it again about 4 months ago from today, which u can find out by looking at my last comment under this one.
I made like 15 bots (the NOA series which I uploaded recently... actually not recently but almost recently :P)
But time passed, and again I started to get bored with doing the same thing, building bots and playing Tdm whatsoever....
So I went gone for 3 months, Again. At that time I was like playing Overwatch for 3 hours everyday at the computer cafe close to my home.
Few weeks ago my laptop had a serious problem and I had to wipe everything inside it. Twice.
But even when I wiped it out, it still had some problems with it (ex: slow internet, serious lags)
The comupter I was using was sooooo old (maybe I used it for 3~4 years so yeh)
So I decided to change the computer, and my dad helped meh to buy my new computer, 'Lenovo ideapad y700', which I am using right now.
I first tried overwatch with this thing, and yep, worked super duper awsome (I used High graphics and it maintained 69~72 fps O.o) (btw my old computer was not able to maintain 30~40 fps with robocraft even with medium graphics :P)
I was like so excited and played overwatch for 2 weeks, and suddenly, I remembered robocraft.
I installed robocraft quickly and started the game.
And yup, now Im here, back to robocraft.
Now I am getting bored at Overwatch so yeh maybe I'll play robocraft more... I guess.
I'll upload my bots that I had not shown u guys tommorow, Im too busy today :PPPP
Ayy well good to be back, Cya guys later :P
2 years ago
Return pls :D
2 years ago
Ayy guys Its been a long time :P
Good news is that I started building again XD
Bad news is.... Its exam few weeks later :(
Got some bots to show4u fellaz, wait for dem XD
2 years ago
I'm still here, waiting for you to start building again :)
2 years ago
Yup agreed :)
2 years ago
Awesome builds keep them up!
3 years ago
After not hearing much from u for a while and your most recent post I looked through your profile and the bots I've missed, decided to add you to my favourites. I know I've been a bit harsh on some of your bots in the past but I do rate very harsh taking into account everything or as much as I can about the bot.
3 years ago
please put the bot deneb to community robot factory (crf)
3 years ago
Im glad you decided to stay :) you have a talent!
P.S it what what, 2 minor hateers? Dont give up man, just make awesome bots and impress them!
3 years ago
Hiya Robocraft Playaz!
Im Tekhnika, DestroyerTekhnikaKR is my in-game name.
Im a korean player, and I just freakin love this game XD
Hope to see ya guys in-game, and, as always, GL&HF :)
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