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*** having a sad news my pc broken ***

Hello! . My name is Ruby !
About me : I come from Thailand and living in Bangkok am studying at Bangkok Christian College . Today is my first day I join robocraft Garage is 28/8/2559 (8/28/2016) . My hobby is Play Video Game!
I also play other game on steam and my favorite is Robocraft .I also like to read comment/message from other player and share experience with my creation on Robocraft.

I having alot of cool bot design to show you guys ;D . If you want any bot that were publish on this Robocraft Garage but if it wasn't on Robot Factory you can send me Private message on my Proflie anytime! :3 I will reply fastest as I can

You can request a bot or repaint color from me by asking me
How do I request bot from you ? : Just send me message :3 and if I accept I will do it
How do I request repaint from you ? : same as request bot (only having premium)

Want to help me make more cool stuff ? :3
You can support me by buy my bot on robot factory and don't forget to rate it
I also looking for Sponcor for support me ( sadly that I wasn't youtuber )
and some one to correct my gramma .

I like to share experience with other player
you can send me message to talk about building bot or gameplay or anything about Robocraft

Having any tip want me to know?:3
You can sent your tip/idea/question or suggestion on message I am also looking for some video editing tip
and some building tip or if you want to talk with me feel free to sent me message :3
I am friendly

*** I would like to say that I allow everyone to use my bot on gameplay Video! But pls
put my name as creator somewhere that people must see it on video and add link in discription to project of that bot ***

Thank for reading

Profile Messages

1 year ago
nice builds b
2 years ago
Joined 4 days ago and already got awesome ratings on your bots, das awesome :3
2 years ago
Thank you :3 I will keep upload more bot after this summer .
2 years ago
feel free to send me message anytime!
I will reply fastest as i can
2 years ago
Welcome to RCG. ^^
2 years ago
Welcome dude :D It's about damn time Ruby!
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