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So, this is just someone fascinated by creativity and with a deep love for style.
That being said, i perceive this platform as a way to inspire each other... which is why I will only post robots that I truly think match the criteria mentioned above. Quality over quantity every time.

If there is anything you think i might want to see, let me know! I often discover some of the most amazing creations randomly... and I can't stand the thought that there is something out there... something really special that I don't know about. :D

Now, about my own creations.
Many years ago, I spent countless hours building anything, mostly motorised, from LEGO technic. I guess this is where it all started... In retrospect, I recognize something about all that I built out of lego pieces that I also recognize in my Robocraft creations today; They had to last and also look like they do. You could literally drop some of my lego vehicles from a meter and a half in the air and they wouldn't lose any pieces. If anything doesn't look solid it doesn't look right to me :D
Another aspect is that I perceive it as an art to make structures appear as if they serve a dedicated function. This has come to my attention lately, and I now try to take my builds to their next level, concerning this aspect.
Lastly for today, and most importantly:
Everything needs to be distinct! I want every single part, every bigger structure to fit perfectly into the concept, the idea, that is behind the particular robot!

There is funtionality, too, of course. This translates to appearance, to me. I ask myself: What could something with that purpose look like? So while I generally build with a purpose in mind, it is mostly about how to make fun to play as and against designs look special. Thank you for taking a look! :D