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5 months ago
Notice to all builders. Take the time to write a description of the bot you upload. Even a few words is better than no words. So much so I REFUSE to comment and rate these wordless bots. Why should I put in the effort when others don't.
1 year ago
good day hows it going hopefully you haven't left im back from my much needed break
11 months ago
I am back as well mate. Had a time where I eased off the playing. I'll
be putting some new bots up soon. It's been hard to keep with the meta with all the recent beta updates, so I've just been keeping all my bots to myself and updating and testing in house. Hope time away for you was everything you needed and more. Be great to catch up and in game and chat. Cheers mate TB69
1 year ago
Do you have steam so i can talk to you through there since RC chat is dead
1 year ago
Hi mate. Thx for visiting my profile page. I really do enjoy the RCG. Seeing everyones bots keeps me inspired. Like i said you are one of my favourite designers. I do believe you are already on my IG friends list. My IGN is Turdblossom69....... mate i wish i had the ability to change it. Bit of a spur of the moment decision making that name. Yes please lets platoon soon.
PS: Yes I do have Steam...but....Robocraft is the only game I play. I love the design build aspect of the game.

Chat soon mate
TB69 :)
1 year ago
Hello thanks for your rate it really made my day)))
Feel free to friend me my IGN is dokido so maybe 1 day we can platoon together.
Hope to see you return to RCG :D
1 year ago
Hi All,

Im a 42 year old robocraft fan. My son asked me one rainy afternoon if I would play the game with him.
Yeah why not.......and that was 2 years ago. My unfortunate in game ID of Turdblossom69 was made without thinking I'd be playing for long. Ive never really been into games but RC has me hooked and I log on whenever I can.
Well-done to all who submit their creation to the Garage and CRF. Some good... some bad...but hey.... its all about building'em and seeing if they get the crud blasted out of them isn't it ? Most of the time mine are the later. However I've decided to join the Garage and share some of my bots. ( My most successful in battle only.... not my crap experiments and tests ) Please buy on CRF or copy all the ideas and generally plagiarise the buggery out of them. They are there to share.

Feedback is welcome on all my bots. After all it helps build better bots. Having spent over 1000hrs in game, my bot building has progressed in leaps and bounds. Cheers and thank you to the mainstays of the garage.. yes you know who you are...these guys have always given constructive feedback on my bots and others in the community. Some of the simplest advice has turned my bots into formidable machines in battle. Thx

I look forward to uploading more robots in the future and also giving my feedback to others. If i like a bot i may even purchase it on CRF to keep the Robocraft economy afloat.

Special thankyous go out to: Gweydon, W4RM3CH4N1C, Randomnumbers, Savagegamer111, Piippiz, Silhohen, Technoninja, Zalera, Rhomulus, Skydog1013, Pokemon222 and Coornio. You're all inspirational robot mechanics and its always amazing to follow your latest projects.

Go the Garage....yew
1 year ago
aw thx man :D
1 year ago
No worries mate. Sad to here your spending some time away from the Garage and the game. I'll miss your amazing uploads. Best wishes while your away mate ,hope to see you back refreshed. Don't be a stranger thou....drop in and say g'day.
1 year ago
well, maybe by contacting freejam.
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