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You are Landed in the Orbit ,240 miles over Planet MaGaTHeA ,inside the Facility of "MaGaTHeA ShipYards Inc."

Hello Earthlings, in course of time My ShipYards will publish a compendium of Replica robots from most diverse Science Fiction novels / movies / shows / games ,to fill an impending gap but not limited to.
Hope the Earthlings comin in Friendship and Payments! :)
Using Triforcing ,Double or Trible Shield-technics , Different Shild Variations ,Diagonal Structures to raise Speed ,and other Building Tricks..

Currently Added Projects: 12.03.2016

Seaquest DSV:

Tyקнooη Cʟᴧss Dᴇʟтᴧ-IV

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda:

Ληםʀσϻєםå Λscєηםєηт

Babylon 5:

NΛRN "G'Quᴧη" Cʟᴧss Hᴇᴧvy Cʀuisᴇʀ℠⁴

Sнᴧםow Bᴧттʟᴇcʀᴧв Dʀᴇᴧםηouɢнт™²⁶

SA-23E Miтcнᴇʟʟ-Hyuηםyηᴇ Sтᴇᴧʟтн Sтᴧʀғᴜʀy "Bʟᴧcк Oϻᴇɢᴧ"

EΛS "Scнwᴧʀzкoקғ" Novᴧ-Cʟᴧss Dʀᴇᴧםηouɢнт (J)

StreibCollectorCruiser (unreleased)

Minbari Sharlin Class (unreleased)

Minbari Nial Fighter (unreleased)

NΛRN Frazi Class (unreleased)


Nebuchadnezzar MarkIII

Pacific Rim:

Cʀiϻsσח Tyקнσσח 暴風赤紅 Mark-4 Chinese Jaeger

Star Trek:

USS Defiant NX-74205

Klingon D7-Cruiser Gowron

Star Trek Borg Sphere (unreleased)

IKS Bird of Prey (unreleased)

USS Ironclad NCC-52131 (unreleased)

NCC 1701 D GalaxyClass (unreleased)


Carrack-Class Light Cruiser

Vuʟтuʀᴇ-Class Dʀσiם Starfighter

Munificent-Class Frigate (unreleased)

Umbara Starfighter-B (unreleased)

A/SF-01 B-wing Starfighter Rebel (unreleased)

VCX-100 Ghost "Hera" (unreleased)

Star Wars Munificent (unreleased)

Delta 7 Aethersprite (unreleased)

NR-N99 Persuader (unreleased)

DSD1 Dwarf SpiderDroid (unreleased)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Technodrome GARGANTUA

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance:

UEF.ScнüтzєἦPanzєʀ FΛTBOY


M577 APC V.1 (ALIEN 2) (unreleased)

Once Upon a Time... Space:

Cassiopeia "Nautilus"

Cassiopeia "Nautilus2"

Profile Messages

2 years ago
Welcome back!
2 years ago
:D ya long time didnt shared any bots ^^ thankz bro
3 years ago
haha i sure do man.
Ill be putting my stuff on here regularly about 16 over the course of a month :)
Thank you for voting.
There were some high ranked people who voted it all low to supress my builds and protect theres.
ButchPyro gave me low on creativyty and function a 1 and 3.5 both were low: my Starship and Rhino
And this one guy ArminVanBuuren
voted 1 for creativity and function on both my Rhino and Starship...
I Can understand if people dont recognize its functionality from inside my bay.. But Creativity 1 ! especially on the Rhino..
hes now leaderboard rank 71. Feels threatened im sure -.-
But thanks for your Honest voting.
I just hope my Rhino gets good creative rating thats all :)
Btw if you delete this after i understand.
3 years ago
This site needs a "watch button' or friend button or something. :U
3 years ago
i just show my youtube channel (only for muzik) ,but yeah good idea for the Alpha robocraft garage but it is still in beta ..whatever that means ^^
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