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Welp, the last biography was mega-outdated, so yeah, that was awkward...

I'm currently suffering through a bout of freemium colors and a distinctive hatred of current foil functions, but otherwise I'm still relatively active. When that foil rework comes, well, hopefully that changes for me.

I currently run a mix of sprinter and wheel designs as a hit and run player. If they fixed the nano effect and actually rewarded the healing done for score, I would honestly go back to playing medic as well. I love building cars, but again, freemium colors kill that experience too. So now I just build whatever comes to mind and try to maintain a respectable MMR without platooning (Which is pretty much impossble because MMR depends solely on wins / losses and not individual performances, which makes no sense whatsoever.)

/end rant.

Anyway, if you enjoy my designs, feel free to add me or chat, I don't bite! I'm more willing as of recent to add designs to the CRF if people request. My IGN is a simple 'PrimeMehster' with the same avatar as on this profile.

If anyone is interested, this is my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DoYouEvenMehBro/

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1 year ago
Heya, any chance u could chuck that Warthog up on the CRF? It's super cool and I'd like to build something similar or give it a paintjob with your permission. Also chuck me a friend request ig, ign McNugg2710.
1 year ago
I think I could do that, sure! I don't see myself getting prem any time soon and I honestly want to see it painted something other than white and grey, so I'd let that happen. Just be sure to show me a couple pics when you are finished with it!
1 year ago
Yeah I'll give it a paint and send it back to ya :), just tell me the CRF name :3
2 years ago
First Once More :D
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