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My name is Kowalski Sykrizka. (Yes.I'm not a penguin,nor Polish)
I'm 22 and I was born in Slovakia,but raised in Hungary.I used to enjoy football in my freetime (or if you are american,call it soccer,altough from my logic I think American football should recieve another name:"Run with an egg to the other side of the stadium and be rude to everyone whilst you do it").I always enjoyed football (soccer) and I used to compete in county matches as a goal keeper.After I did my final exams and got to high school I've stopped participating in those matches.
Now I'm just a couch potato that watches football on TV with a beer in my hand or two.
Just to keep this one straight,I dislike memes.They are so overused that I just don't find them funny anymore.Yeah-yeah,it's funny when you see it 1-2x,but when you see it for the 100th of time...you get my point I hope.So please try to avoid using them in my presence.

Now about my in-game status:
I enjoy playing this game when I don't have anything else to do.When I have some freetime and spare RP (or Robits if you want to be fancy about it) and/or premium I usually try to create irregular vehicles,for instance historical tank models.

Current robots available on CRF:

(Let me know if they are not available)
German Nation:
Tiger I , Tiger I (131) , Tiger I (P) , Tiger II , Tiger II (P) , Jagdtiger , Waffenträger auf E-100 , E-100 , VK 45.02 B

American Nation:
T-28 Concept , T26E4 Super Pershing , (Upcoming:T29)

Soviet Nation:
IS-4 , KV-2 , T-34-85

French Nation:
Foch 155

Japanese Nation:
Type 4 Heavy , O-i experimental

British Nation:
Tortoise , Conqueror GC , FV215B , Conqueror (Upcoming:Churchill I)

Hungarian Nation:
Turan III Prototype

Profile Messages

2 years ago
Hey Kowalski! I have done the M46 Patton tank and I would like to hear what you think about it. Especially with the front upper and lower glasses. As well of what you think about my newest Maus replica.
2 years ago
Now I get why you were so salty about my Maus. Don't worry, I've been working on it and it looks better nowadays
2 years ago
How was I salty?
I was just pointing out a couple of things which you should change in order to make it a better replica.
2 years ago
OK, not salty but a bit aggressive. Anyway I wanted to make a toy-ish version of it
2 years ago
Hi! Just wanted to tell you how much I love your bots, and how happy I am that I've pretty much bought all of them just because they're SO amazing :D
Keep up the GREAT work! ^^
2 years ago
Well,thanks for letting me know that and I hope I can keep it up.Would create more often if colours would not be restricted to premium-only users (As previously everyone had the ability to use all ~14 colours if they paid for the cubes,I understand that cosmetics can be obtained by anone now,but personally I valuate colours a lot more and without them,It's nearly impossible to hand out proper creations,if I could change this I'd do this way:Enable all the current colours to everyone and for premium players,Freejam could create a colouring system,which allows you to create whatever colours you want).
2 years ago
Yeah, non premium should definetely get the colours that everyone had before the paint update, T1-10 cube colours and so on. If anyone wants the new premade colours or even newer ones, get premium :p
2 years ago
I feel very, very salty when I got a practical bot categorised as 'creative'. Please change it
2 years ago
Excuse me?
2 years ago
hey bud I know you like tanks! me too you would do me a giant favor if I could see a tiger P/VK 45 01P done by you! if you can please I would be amazed!
2 years ago
u play too much world of tanks xD
2 years ago
Wow Creativity !
3 years ago
Great robots!
This message was deleted at 28 Aug 2015
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