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Heya, m8s. It's your not-so-friendly neighborhood engineer, Jiahstrike!

Been playing again since February, and suffice to say that I'm getting back the fun i had while playing this game, like I had 2 years ago, even with all the drones flying around and levionthan hovers going around killing everyone.

So, what I like about RC? Mainly building. Also added fun when getting that sweet sweet 1st place using my own builds. Das rite! I love building my stuff and wrecking crap with my stuff. I hardly use anything from factory. Actually, the one time i do was when my pal and I agreed to use each other's bots so we get the robit reward from it. I build bots all the time; metabots, non-meta comp builds, artbots. That's the one thing I take pride of myself, and here in RC Garage, I'm sure most of you do too.

I don't really stick to a playstyle, but i really like to play combat medics (obviously for supportive reasons and not to cheese out the most points to get that 1st place). I also love to play sprinters because of agility reasons. I can play with any kind of bots, but I haven't really tried sleds and I'm not really into tanks after FJ screwed up their physics. Yeah, I still play fliers and walkers whenever i feel like it, even though they're pretty dead already.

Currently, I haven't been checking RC Garage too often, because boi's gotta learn how to put appealing thumbnails, also just boredom reasons.

You can also meet me in these games:
-Geometry Dash (ign: Jiahstrike), because gr8 songs.
-Osu! (ign: KlaksoncakFish), because I'm a man of culture.
-Warframe (ign: Jiahstrike, currently inactive), because gr8 game.

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2 years ago
U deserve more recognition.
Your bots and bot naming system is quite genius :D
2 years ago
thanks mate
2 years ago
Welcome to robocraftgarage :3
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