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Hey Ladies and Gents, how did you end up here? ;)

I bet it's because of a little hobby we share: Building bots and slugging it out with and against each other in Robocraft. Let me tell you: you have come to the right place!

Nearing the 30s I'm still addicted to "games with blocks" since Minecraft Beta back then, so this game really hit the spot on first sight. I like those endless "build, test, think of upgrades" cycles aswell as just feeling my jaw drop whenever some cool / weird / outright ridiculous artbots enter the game - even after well above 700h into this game.

Recently I fell in love with plasma copters which led to those show cased here, playing them mostly in Team Deathmatch in the evening hours. Since I manage to achieve many top scores with them I thought it might be good to share them with you folks ;). Those M-Types are original designs, those dubbed "AX" are adopted and extended versions of bots I found here or around the webs, giving credit to the original designers. Chances are that I will do more tutorials for M-Type bots in the near future, given I have enough freetime on my hands ;)

So stick around, fav here or subscribe over at Youtube, to stay up to date when I happen to share another great build with you. If not, well, enjoy your stay and have a great time anyways ;)

This way or the other I'm looking forward to

... see you on the battlefield ;)

Tutorials by DerSpini

M3x Plasma Copter series plasma, copter, m3x series

Outdated since Full Spectrum Combat got released! Do not use for competitive play, Flak will kill you 19/20 times Bui..

Avg. Rating 10.0
M24A2 "Monsoon" Heavy Artillery Copter plasma, copter, mega plasma

Introducing my M24 "Heavy Rain" upgrade, the M24A2 "Monsoon" Heavy Artillery Copter Additional screensh..

Avg. Rating 9.9

Profile Messages

3 years ago
Hey Spini, I really loved your copters, will you be making a new one any time soon?
3 years ago
Don't think so. At least not anytime soon . Too many other games, too many things about RC that holds me back from fiddling about new copters too much right now =/.

Let's hope things get better in RC, so I might change my mind sooner or later =)

Turns out you don't need to fiddle that much. Enjoy the M41 "Minor Annoyance" ;)
2 years ago
Thank god, I thought you completely gave up one the game. Do you think it is possible to make an upgraded version of the M34? It is my favorite bot so far but after the last major updates is isn't as strong anymore!
2 years ago
The game is quite dead for me, and there's alot of other good stuff out there ;)

I liked the M34 a lot aswell (still have 2 of it in my slots, for sentimental reasons :'( ), but I don't think I can come up with an upgraded version. When I'm in RC I tinker with those awkwardly sturdy Mechs&Aeroflak designs . Not even worth an entry over here I think :P
2 years ago
Hey Spini
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