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I play Robocraft quite a lot along with some other games, and I construct and post my builds onto my YouTube channel. Generally I prefer hovers or cruisers, though I may try some other types of builds if these two get to monotonous for my liking. I am generally a team player, and I try sometimes too hard to be the best in every game. My builds are generally focused on being as balanced as possible. In other words, a perfect mix of protection, speed, and firepower. Oh, and in case you have not noticed yet, I have a profound addiction to smily faces, and in general most emotes :)

I will usually upload one new build every other week, but this may fluctuate due to my personal schedule or how complex the build is.

If you would like to platoon with me or request a certain type of build, please private message me on Robocraft Garage or on my Steam profile so that we can work something out. Thanks.

Upcoming builds (in no particular order):
- On break :) ~
- Fan-voted build
- ...and possibly some requested builds

Updates: Projects that I am currently working on are marked with a ~ next to them.

If you want to forge any of the bots showcased here, type Augustus_Victorious into the CRF search box to bring up all the bots that I have uploaded. Final and Legacy Editions are now out on the CRF for a limited time. Last release for each bot.

Don't have a Robocraft Garage profile, but still want updates? No problem. Get notified on the latest releases and content by following me on Google + or on Twitter.

Tutorials by AugustusV

Soulstorm III - Build Tutorial

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Avg. Rating 10.0
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1 year ago
For the known future I will not be playing Robocraft anymore for a variety of reasons. I have selected some of my best builds and reposted them to the CRF as 'final' or 'legacy' editions depending on the type. I want to thank all of you for supporting me the past few years, and I hope you all continue to enjoy the game. Take care :)

- Augustus
2 years ago
Schedule Changes & What’s Next

After a short break, I am back to Robocraft and building. As well as getting back to constructing bots, I have new changes to how I will be releasing bots and the timing on each. So here we go :)

Why was I gone?
First of all, I was gone for a few reasons. One is that I wanted to get back to some other games that I have not played in awhile. Besides, I just needed a quick break from pushing out bots with so many different parts to them; gets a bit stressful to get everything done on time. Which leads to the new upload schedule.

New Schedule
Instead of uploading one bot a week, I will now be uploading around two per month. Depending on the nature of the release (one bot or two), the bots would be released every other week or mid-month respectively. This way, I can spend more time on the bot itself rather than trying to get all the separate parts together and release a bot every week, which gets quite hectic.

What is next
Finally, what is next for me? Well, I had planned on starting releases again around the middle of April, but that may fluctuate as the bots that I have started right now may need to be tweaked and modified after the Phase 2 Update coming next week. I will also be leaving it up to the community to decide which bot type to build next. A few days after each release, I will place a poll over on my Google + page to see which bot will be the following month's release.

Thanks Guys!
Before I wrap things up, I would like to say how happy I am that you guys have stuck with me through all of these transitions. I really appreciate the continued support here and on my other channels, and I hope you all enjoy what I’m planning for the future. Take care as always :)

2 years ago
Hey, hey man! Now, I want to apologize for the horrible comment I left right below. I was probably a lil' bit salty, and I kinda put the wrong foot forward.

After following your robots for quite awhile, I am very impressed by the robots (and the thumbnails as well ;) that you pop out. I'll just put it very simply. Awesome. Freaking awesome.

Keep it up :)
2 years ago
Ah, no problem. You made a completely honest point, no need to apologize :)

I'm glad that you have enjoyed my builds so far. I've been seeing a worrying decrease in ratings recently, so it's good to see some people are still following everything. No doubt that I'll keep pumping out the builds though, thanks :)
3 years ago
You just keep saying "good job :)", "well done :)" and all these boring comments on every bot, even on bots that need a lot of work. I may rate a lot as well, but i leave constructive comments on every bot i see.
Please leave more detailed comments of bots instead of the cliche "well done" people could care less about
3 years ago
If there is something that I see is wrong with a craft, I point it out. I do say a lot of "well done" and "good job", mainly because I can't find any major design issues. I don't go around pointing out small issues that probably don't affect the bot much.
3 years ago
I see :) though you were going for a Vladimir eternal for a second
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