Message System

Rules and Guidelines

Here's some general information and guidelines of using Robocraft Garage's message system.


  • Use English. This is an English community website and you must use English.
  • Be respectful. Read descriptions, what has been written and be constructive if you are posting something negative.
  • Be open-minded. Be open to corrections, suggestions and discussions.
  • Link to sources. If you are posting relevant information, please provide a link to its source if possible.
  • Read your message before posting.

Please don't

  • Use abusive language. Just don't be offensive, okay?
  • Post personal information.
  • Spam. This includes writing irrelevant things and repeated self advertising.
  • Troll. (Read about this on Wiki)

General Info

Posting on Robocraft Garage is available for all logged in users. A posted message can be edited and deleted by the owner or a moderator. If you find a message that doesn't follow the rules, please report it by using the report button above the message. Multiple reports can result in a temporary or permanent ban from the website for the reported user.


What is BB-codes?

With BB-codes you can do various formatting on your texts. These can be used on Robocraft Garage:

BB-codes list

Format BB-code Result
Bold [b]text[/b] text
Italic [i]text[/i] text
Underscore [u]text[/u] text
Center [c]text[/c]
Header [header]text[/header] text
Smaller Text [small]text[/small] text
Link [link=]Google[/link] Google
Image (limited to clan features) [img=]Robocraft Garage Logo[/img] Robocraft Garage Logo
Tier Color (1-10) [tier=4]Tier 4 color example[/tier] Tier 4 color example

They can also be combined, e.g. "[b][i][u]Awesome[/u][/i][/b]" would create Awesome

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