Frequently Asked Questions

What is Robocraft?

An awesome game that you should try out! This website is only a community website for the game, I am not the owners/creators of the game itself. Download the game at

What is a "robot"?

A "robot" on is a compilation of in-game screenshots, description, data (pFlops, mass etc.) of your robot. A robot can be rated and/or commented by other users, it can also be shared easily on social medias.

How do I add a robot?

You must first register a user, after that you can go to the add project page and select the project type "robot".

What is points and ranks?

You can get points by being active on this website. The more points you have the better rank you are. Read more about the Point System here.

Can I see a complete list of cubes data somewhere?

Yes, you can. But as the game constantly updates cube data I can't promise that it is up-to-date. Find it here.

Created at 2015-08-19 by Nixell, updated at 2015-08-31 by Nixell