About Clans and Clan Management

Clans are new to Robocraft Garage as well as to the game. This page is a living document and checking back regularly within the upcoming months might be helpful. Clans at Robocraft Garage should not be confused with clans in-game. The basic definition is the same, but there are key differences that change the way they're managed and used. When game or in-game are mentioned on this page I explicitly mean Robocraft, not any other game. I might also be using the abbreviation RCG for Robocraft Garage at several places.

  1. Clans at RobocraftGarage.com
    1. Membership and Policies
    2. Joining a Clan
    3. Clan Types
    4. Member Roles
  2. Creating a Clan
    1. First Steps
  3. More Coming Soon
  4. "I'm following the instructions but it still fails"

1. Clans at RobocraftGarage.com

First of all let's define what a clan is and what it is not at RCG. The general definition of a clan is a group of people with a common goal or interest led by one or many veterans of the clans' goal or purpose. Clans at RCG does not have to exist in-game.

We encourage clans like:

  1. Competitive, any kind of clan being somewhat or mostly competitively in-game.
  2. Engineering, clans who's main goal is to build the very best robots in-game.
  3. Creative, clans which emphasize the creative aspect of the game.
  4. Communities, Robocraft streamers, youtubers or other kinds community group clans.
  5. In-game, clans that do exist in-game, unless it is just a troll.

We dislike clans like:

  1. Non-Related, clans not related to Robocraft and are not in-game.
  2. Country Clans, clans who's sole-purpose is to gather people from a certain country, unless it is a legit clan or community.
  3. Exploits, clans that gather game exploits and encourage the use of them in any way.

1.a. Membership and Policies

Unlike in-game a user can become a member of multiple clans at the same time at RCG.

Clan membership at RCG can be independent from clan membership in-game, one does not necessarily have to be a member in-game to join a clan at RCG and vice versa. Being a member of a clan at RCG gives you permissions to certain clan features, these may vary depending on which clan role you have. More about clan roles and their permissions can be found further down.

A clan policy is a way of implementing principles to guide decision making in a clan. In general it is a list of what you may and may not do as a member of the clan. These are usually provided on the clan's about page, but may vary. If your clan do not have a policy yet it is strongly recommended that you implement one. RCG is not responsible of any clan policies, it is the clan member’s sole responsibility to follow any provided clan policy.

1.b. Joining a Clan

This section assumes you are already logged in. Haven't signed up yet? It only takes a few minutes! Sign Up

As mentioned in previous section a user can be member of multiple clans and there are currently 2½ ways to do this at RCG. To identify how to join a specifc clan go to its page and check the clan navigation. If there is a button saying "Join Clan" or "Apply for Clan" you can click that, but if there's none it means that the clan is not currently recruiting. If the latter, check back later :nerd: Hehe, see what I did there? Errrrrr.. let's move on.. :confused:

If you clicked "Join Clan" do this:

  1. Read all the clan's information, check for any requirements before you join and make sure you meet them.
  2. If you're sure, press the "Yes, I'm sure" button.
  3. You're in! Awesome!

If you clicked "Apply for Clan" do this:

  1. Read all the clan's information, check for any requirements before you apply and make sure you meet them.
  2. Fill in a message for your application in the text box. If no information is provided on what you should write, you could for example tell a bit about yourself, why you want to join and why they should accept you.
  3. When you're done, press the "Yes, send application" button.
  4. And now we wait. Let's hope the clan recruiters accept your application. :fingers_crossed:
  5. When they've processed your application you will get notified through the website if your application has been accepted or denied.

Hold on! Are you saying there is no text box in your application!? Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. clans can also have an external application form, therefore the "½" way. If that's the case you will see a link to the external form instead of the text box. However, click this link at your own risk! RCG is not responsible for any damages on the other side of this link.

1.c. Clan Types

We can say that clan type is a "mode" of sorts. Currently there are 3 different modes that make a clan behave slightly different, ultimately determing how users can join (or not).

The types are as following:

  • Open, the clan can be joined by anyone without application or invitation. A "Join Clan" button will be available in its navigation.
  • Recruiting, the clan can be joined by application or invite. If a clan is in this mode an application form will activate on the clan page from where users can apply for the clan with a message. The clan page will have a "Apply for Clan" button in its navigation.
  • Closed, the clan are not recruiting, but users can still be invited to the clan.

1.d. Member Roles

There are four different levels of permissions at RCG and each of them is connected to a role. All users joining a clan start with the role "Member", which is at the bottom of the tree. After joining, a member can be promoted (acquire a higher role) by an officer or a leader. Recruiters and officers can also be demoted if they misbehave or are inactive.

The roles are as following:

  • Member, gets access to assign robots to the clan. Members can see a clan in private mode if they have been invited.
  • Recruiter, same as member, but also has access to an admin panel from where the recruiter can accept applications or send invites.
  • Officer, same as recruiter, but also has access to news, members and robots management + clan configurations.
  • Leader, same as officer, but also has access to ownership transfer and deleting the clan.

2. Creating a Clan

Creating a clan at RCG is very easy as long as you know where to find it all, that is what I'm going to guide you through in this section.

2.a. First Steps

This section assumes you are already logged in. Haven't signed up yet? It only takes a few minutes! Sign Up

To create a clan all you really need is a name, which can also be changed later at any time. Any other field provided in the clan create form can be ignored if you don't have the information right now.

Follow these simple steps to create a clan:

  1. Go to this page to get to the create form. If you don't see it, you're not logged or I messed up.
  2. Fill in the information you have to the form, with the minimum of the "Clan Name".
  3. Click one of the buttons below the form.
  4. If you clicked the blue one, watch the video (optional) and then click "Create Clan" button at the bottom of the popup.
  5. Congratulations! Assuming you managed to meet the minimum requirement of 3 characters in the clan name, you now have a clan at RCG! :sunglasses: Now, wasn't that easy?

3. More Coming Soon

Check back in a few days, I'm currently writing more information about creating and managing a clan at RCG.

4. "I'm following the instructions but it still fails" :anguished:

First of all, if you have any form of rage or frustration I've inserted this text box below where you can mash your buttons and swear at me all you want. Please take advantage of this opportunity before we move on.

Ok so.. I've probably messed up and I apologize. :flushed: No matter the issue, bad information or actual bugs, we shall fix this together! If you have Discord I recommend you contacting me (Nixell) there, but you can also use RCG's contact form to reach me.

I'm happy to help! :hatched_chick:

Created at 2016-09-14 by Nixell, updated at 2016-09-15 by Nixell