Update One - Clans

13th September 2016 2:46pm, posted by Nixell
Hey Robocrafters! :grinning:

I'm really excited to introduce you to the first update in a series of updates that will make your Robocraft experience better than ever!

Update One

Update One comes with some very easy to use clan management tools to help you with event promoting, clan updates, recruiting etc. It also comes with some user interface improvements to give space for all your awesome content throughout the Robocraft Garage. Also, did you see the slideshow on the homepage already? Isn't it cool? It will be used to promote contests, clan events, new updates and other fancy stuff so you wouldn't miss it anymore. :sunglasses:

Oh well, here comes a list of almost everything that has been changed:

  • Website Navigation has been compactified (is that a word?) so you can see all the content faster. Another reason to this change is to be able to make clan pages "more independent" from the rest of Robocraft Garage.
  • User Navigation is reworked, you can access most of the stuff by clicking on your username in the top right when being logged in.
  • Add Project button that was previously in the menu is now in the user navigation. In case anyone of you were looking for that :spy:
  • Slideshows added to homepage and clans home because they're cool.
  • Robot Tags are finally put to use! You can search for a tag in robot lists to find a specific "category" of robots. Can't wait to see all theme / event tags! *hint hint*. Don't confuse it with the contest tag though, that feature comes from another planet!

breathing space...

  • Clans Home is a brand new section to Robocraft Garage! From there you'll be able to see most of the current clans activity.
  • Clans can be created by anyone with a simple form found through the clans home. This will generate a clan page for you that is aaalmost like a separate website with an admin panel and all. Instructions for this can be found in the create form and more information about clans can be found here.
  • Robot Editor now has a field called "Clan Robot". If you're member of a clan you can assign your robot to its collection. Do not misuse or it might get hot in here.

more random space...

  • Comment Sections have been re-designed a bit, I think it looks nicer now. They're also amplified with an awesome emoji support.
  • Profile Replies finally fixed, you no longer need to expect a message being unread for 3 months.
  • [Insert Feature Here] added, in case I missed something. :ok_hand:

As mentioned, this was update #1 in a series of updates to come. Don't expect next update too soon though, I need some rest in between. However, what is planned for the upcoming updates is a complete overhaul of your profile page. More social connecting (and also blocking), more new awesome features and improved event features. Stay tuned for more info!

Thanks for all the support so far down the road. Web development like this, providing better gaming community experience for you, is something I'd love to work on during daytime as full time job. Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment. Instead I work nights as much as I can to get updates faster to you. :sweat: If you think I deserve a beer or want to provide me daily coffee so I can keep on working just as hard on Robocraft Garage then consider becoming a Subscriber as a means of providing me these materials. It would be greatly appreciated! :nerd:

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How to search bot? not the tags
cant's find search box
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i nee help to build a robot
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Sure, why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Also the green box around the *save* button for me is bugged, it disappears when I don't mouse over it, I'll just send you a pic :P
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Now comments on news are fixed :smile: I'd like to add that please report any issues, 404-pages or white pages immediately to me, preferably on Discord. Might have missed something :D
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awwww yeaaaa
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