The End

27th January 2019 11:41am, posted by Nixell
Hey Robocrafters, it's been a while since I last checked in here! It's cool to see that there's still some activity around here. Unfortunately, I'm here only to bring sad news. It's time for to end, its due date has already past long time ago. Some of you may have noticed that it's occasionally down or misfunctioning, that is because I haven't touch/updated the servers running it for a long time + I have it running on minimal power at the moment. However, running the servers are still costly due to amount of data that is on There has also been bots getting in on the site, creating fake profiles and rendering the site unsafe for users.

I cannot say I have time to maintain the site and I probably won't have in the foreseeable future. Which is also the reason why has to come to an end. :( Your identity is important to me and with the current unmaintained state of the site, I believe it's running a risk of getting abused in harm of your data, or worst case scenario; hacked. Sensitive data is stored encrypted, but that doesn't stop a hacker from harming users.

It's been amazing to see this community live for almost 4.5 years (4 years, 3 months, 21 days so far..). Unforgettable things have happened and I've learned a lot from you. Thanks to everyone involved, especially to the dedicated moderators helping out keeping the site clean while I've been gone. I will let the site live on for 3-4 weeks so that you have time extract memories that you have in there. At latest in 4 weeks, I will shut down the website. In addition, with GDPR I will probably also have to delete all associated data forever, which is pretty hearth breaking :/

I hope you'll understand and appreciate the time that has been. Fortunately, some parts of the community can live on in the form of Discord or social medias. I wish you all the best future!