Become an Enemy in Robocraft YouTubers in Space!

27th February 2017 9:42pm, posted by SpaceKryptonite
Some of you may know that I am currently nearing the finalization on a game centered around Robocraft and old school space shooters. Click here to watch the old version of Robocraft YouTubers in Space. What I need is more enemy types to finish off the new big update and that's where you guys come in. Create any kind of artbot or dank that you see fit to be an enemy. It can be a walking T-Rex, a giant Wall of Teslas, or even a cute tiny kitty.

- Add "RYS" on the title or let me know in the comments of this post
- Deadline is March 6. Must be uploaded before this date
- Must have a clear angle screenshot. One that shows the bot from a corner perspective. Click to view example
- You can provide as many screenshots as you see fit

As for the next Factory episode, it will be releasing later on throughout March. I haven't been home for about a month which is why you haven't seen much videos released. Also, internet is bad where I currently am living. #SoonTm

Good luck and may the pizza guide you :alien:
5 months ago
another lame clan dead :)))
6 months ago
7 months ago
Sorry if I'm late
7 months ago
I have a bot for robocraft YouTubers in space check out my profile and look at weapon bro if you want a better picture just tell me. Thanks for considering it
7 months ago
Ok I will make a new art bot or tesla for it.
8 months ago
Oh, now this is very inetersting.... TO the drawing board! ;P
8 months ago
maybe you should tweet it :3
8 months ago
Hey SpaceK!

My enemy is done & up on the CRF
It's called "RYS Banana"
Hope it helps!
8 months ago
Ey baws,omw to build a new bot then o7
8 months ago
Sweet :alien:
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