Episode 5 is here! Click the image to watch the video.

Ep 6 Requirements:
- Must be a tesla bot
- It can be a flyer or a ground unit, but it CANNOT BE a shuriken
- Be Creative :alien:
- Tesla must be its primary weapon

Good luck and build to your hearts desire. The goal is to release a video every 2 weeks to keep things up-to-date. :wave:

If you want to join the Space Crew Discord, feel free to visit, hang out, and get helpful tips from the crew!


Factory Highlights Ep 4 is here!

28th December 2016 9:40pm, posted by SpaceKryptonite
Episode 4 is here! I have decided to reach out to Space Crew discord members as well to spice things up a bit. You can still upload bots on this crew and have a chance at the next Factory highlight.

Ep 5 Requirements:
Must be Adorable, cool looking, or a slice of pizza

With everyone having max cpu, this will be quite interesting to see what you are capable of doing. Happy building! :alien:

If you want to join the Space Crew Discord, feel free to visit and hang out!


Congrats to You GARY Lovers!

24th November 2016 1:59am, posted by SpaceKryptonite
Great job to XxPartyGamerxX and Odradek for their amazing GARY remastered versions! Your bots can be found near the end of the History of GARY video. Thanks to all those who have submitted your beautiful GARY builds. :alien:

The GARY-nator Created by Odradek (Robocraft IGN: antoscienza)
GARY Remastered Created by XxPartyGamerxX

Click here to watch the History of GARY

Here's a reminder on what Episode 4 bot submission requirements are:
- Must be Practical
- Must within the range of 750-1250 CPU
- Must be a ground unit (thrusters are only allowed if the bot does not use it to fly)

But I also want to challenge you to look further to Episode 5, in which we will focus on Cosmega builds. That will be something near the new year though ;)

Good luck and have fun! :alien:

CRF Factory Ep 3 is here!

14th November 2016 10:34pm, posted by SpaceKryptonite
Episode 2 of CRF Factory is here with a new format to how videos will play out. 3 bots, practical bots will be given suggestions and personal opinions along with promoting the bot. Creative bots will be more towards how cute and hilarious the builds are along with promotion. Click the image below to watch the video and let me know what you think about the style and if you have any suggestions.



2nd November 2016 7:46pm, posted by SpaceKryptonite
With CRF Factory Episode 3 releasing soon, I thought of a cool idea. This is featuring your bot designs of GARY on his upcoming video, "History of GARY". Who's GARY you may ask.

Here's GARY, the golden age robot that was once your starting robot, an enemy, but also a friend. He lived in the old times of Robocraft, but was removed early 2015 from the game. What makes him special is his personality and a lot of players loved him.

The challenge for you is to make your own version of GARY. Here are the requirements:
- Must have wheels as movement (you can add thrusters as long as wheels are his primary movement)
- Must be colored with only white, gray, and blue glassy paint (NOTHING MORE)
- Must be under 1000 CPU
- Must have a Robot Name Banner (front or back of the bot)
- Must have at least 1 Enemy Radar Closesight
- Must have at least 1 or more weapons for combat

Upload your project on this website and on the CRF (Factory). May the best GARY be seen on the "History of GARY" :alien:

Deadline: November 18th

When creating a project, make sure the "Clan Robot" selection is Space Crew so it appears under the Space Crew robots page. This is how I will be selecting the GARY bots for the video