New Clan!

8th May 2017 6:13pm, posted by Pald1n_Glad3
Apex Predators are now recruiting! I really want this clan to get above 10 members and stay that way, just think of how cool it would be for your name to have "Apex Predators" At the end! If this clan gets decent players in it and is active enough, one day the name Apex Predators will be feared on the battlefields. I am accepting anyone new at this point but once things are starting to establish themselves, recruitment will be a tad more strict. Worry not about losing your place once it becomes a thing, I don't care how difficult this game is to you but you will never lose your place as a rightful member if you are one of first members that got the clan going. The only way you will lose your spot is if you leave on your own! So if you're up to become the Apex Predator of your own fight, join now. Remember: I kill you, I'm better.