Clan Rules and Guide Lines

18th February 2017 1:33pm, posted by Klynolder
Clan Rules

1. HARASSMENT: All players, no matter their gender, country, will be bullied or suffer Harassment.
§(a) Any member or player suspected of harassment, trolling, bulling will be investigated. During this time you maybe banned up to three days.

§(b) After investigation is completed and member if found to have failed to comply to this rule, shall be upto but not limited to one week. After that time, that member may request to rejoin the Clan. Violation of this rule a second time will result in you being removed from the Clan, and reported to other clans within Robocraft to ensure their member do not suffer the same Harassment.

§(a.1) Banned Member may make an appeal. This appeal will go before Officer Level Members. If they all vote to give a full investigation, the three day ban stands. If they wish to vote for a second chance, the appeal shall have weight, and banned member will be allowed to rejoin the Clan.

2. UNDER AGED CONTENT: 18 or under content will or shall not be shared or discussed. (see §a.1 for appealing)

3. PLAYER CONTACT INFO: Do not ask or demand players release their personal contact information. If they choice to give it to you, that is fine. (see §a.1 for appealing)

4. POSTING PROJECTS IN CLAN: Be mindful of your projects. To avoid Spamming bots back to back within a 4 hour period. This is just to give members time to look over other bots in the clan.

5. Have fun, and be helpful.