Hi these are the rules for new members

10th March 2018 6:25pm, posted by atleast3characters
-Be respectful.

-If someone likes to use the meta in Robocraft whatever it is don't judge him for it.

-Don't build the same bots as other people in the clan did. (Modifications of the bot are fine but they must be visible.)

-Have common sense.

-ANYBODY may vote to kick ANYBODY but must have some type of reason.

-Any questions about the rules you have must go into this comment section

-If someone builds a bot you don't think is viable for league don't be afraid to say it but also be respectful about it and give a reason why you think that bot is not viable for league.

-This is my first clan made on this website so if you see anything i should add anywhere let me know and ill consider changing it.