Gundam Artbot Contest! Win 1,000,000 robits!

2nd February 2017 2:00am, posted by DexExMachina
Salutations robocrafters!
The Time has come again for a Gundam Themed artbot contest, hosted by yours truly and Clan Neo-Zeon. Once again, our theme for this competition is MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM, but this time I’ve decided to raise stakes by offering a 1,000,000 Robit prize to the best replica of a vehicle from any Gundam Anime, OVA, Manga, Video Game, etc.

Contest Rules:
-Entry robots must be based on a Vehicle depicted in any GUNDAM series.
-Entry robots must include NZ2 at the beginning of their name. The Rest of the name should be the name or model of the machine being depicted (Ex: NZ2 RX-78 Gundam)
-Competition Period will be from Thursday, January 18 through Saturday, Feb 18th. The Winner will be announced on Friday, February 24th.
-The competition will be Judged mainly on aesthetics, but how functional it is will be considered.
-Judging will be done by myself, as it is in fact my Robit Horde that winner will receive.
-My decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into over why one Robot was picked over another
-You may only submit entries you have designed yourself (No Copies)
-Anyone may participate, not just members of Clan Neo-Zeon
-You may submit as many bots as you want to the competition, but no bots that have been submitted in the prior Gundam Artbot competition.
-You must keep your entry on the CRF until Friday, Feb 24th.
-Upon winning, I will buy the winning bot and possibly other things on the winner’s CRF until I’ve spent >4,000,000 Robits. The Winner will receive 25% of what I spend, >1,000,000 Robits.
1 year ago
sad, i missed it... i'd have made a haro xD
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