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New Robocraft Tutorials

How to get answers Questions, Developers, Answers

Here is a video compiling together the answers to many Frequently asked questions in Robocraft which new players often a..

Building the shape of a Medic Copter! Copter, Medic, Example, Support

I did improve the bot alot but I think its a good, general example of building a rough bot :) ----------SORRY FOR THE T..

Battle Arena for skrubs BA, tutorial, guide, gamemodes

The most recent gamemode in robertcraft other than TDM and AITDM, It also gives the biggest rewards if you do well, and ..

Avg. Rating 9.7
How to build a functional art tank rail, tank, armour, cosmetics

A tutorial on how to utilize cosmetics on a tank bot and various other building techniques to reinforce the structure so..

Avg. Rating 10.0